1st Edition

Assessment Center Perspectives for Talent Management Strategies 2nd Edition

    340 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    340 Pages 20 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    Written by three leading scholars with vast experience in the science and practice of assessment centers (ACs), this is the first volume to comprehensively integrate variations of the assessment center method with alternative talent management strategies.  A useful reference guide, it examines the many ways in which organizations can apply the assessment center method to achieve their talent management goals. It provides balanced and in-depth coverage of theory, research, and practice pertaining to the dimension-, task-, and multifaceted-perspectives on the AC method. Ideal for researchers, practitioners, and students alike, and well suited for courses in testing and measurement, personnel selection, HR planning and staffing, training and development, and organizational change, Assessment Center Perspectives for Talent Management Strategies is a complete and up-to-date account of the assessment center method.


    1 Assessment Centers and Talent Management in Modern Organizations

    2 Talent Management Strategies and Assessment Center Perspectives


    3 Job Analysis and Beyond: Determining the Focal Constructs for Assessment Centers

    4 Simulation Exercises

    5 The Roles of Individual Assessors: Observing, Recording, Classifying, and Scaling Behavior

    6 The Roles of the Group of Assessors: Integration of Assessment Information

    7 Providing Feedback of Assessment Center Results

    8 Technology and Assessment Centers


    9 Internal and External Evidence of Construct Validity

    10 A Broader Evaluation of Assessment Center Methods for Different Purposes

    11 The Social Validity of Assessment Centers: Fairness, Discrimination, Humanitarianism, and Social Change


    12 The Assessment Center Method: The Continuing Evolution of Theory, Research, and Practice


    George C. Thornton III is Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Colorado State University, USA.

    Deborah E. Rupp is Professor and William C. Byham Chair of Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Affiliate Professor, Krannert School of Business, Purdue University, USA.

    Brian J. Hoffman is an Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Georgia, USA.

    "Assessment Center Perspectives for Talent Management Strategies is the most comprehensive book about assessment center methodology ever written.  It explores what is happening now and what to expect in the future.  It is a must-read guide for current users and people considering adopting assessment center methods."—William C. Byham, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO, Development Dimensions International, Inc.

    "A truly valuable book which adds to the growing body of literature on assessment centers by introducing the concept of ‘focal constructs’ and attempts to tackle the thorny issue of how different talent management strategies influence the purpose and design of the assessment center by highlighting the differing interpretations of ‘talent management.’ Throughout, this book is a rich source of well-founded evidence, providing advice for practitioners and advocating new avenues for further research." –Nigel Povah, CEO, Assessment & Development Consultants, Ltd, UK

    "This comprehensive and useful book introduces readers to recent thinking and research on dimension, task, and hybrid-based approaches to assessment center design. But beyond this, we also see a broad treatment of the assessment center method supporting talent management in selection, promotion, diagnosis, and development of human capital. The book is a great resource for students, researchers, and practitioners concerned with ACs and human resource management in organizations."—Walter C. Borman, Personnel Decisions Research Institutes, Inc., and University of South Florida, USA