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Causes and Mechanisms

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ISBN 9781566703734
Published April 27, 1999 by CRC Press
256 Pages

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Book Description

Asthma is a disease which, beginning in the 1980s, increased in the United States and other countries in both its prevalence and mortality. According to reports by the Center for Disease Control, the number of people with asthma increased by 42% in the last decade, with children, ethnic minorities and the urban poor being most at risk.

Timely research on the causes and mechanisms behind the dramatic increase of asthma in the United States and other nations-to epidemic proportions-is presented in this volume.

Investigators heading up eight research groups in asthma and/or allergy present their most recent findings, funded by the Center for Indoor Air Research. In addition to the work underway and discussions/suggestions on present research problems, ASTHMA: Causes and Mechanisms of an Epidemic Inflammatory Disease provides a chapter on the causes of asthma-and the reasons for its recent spread, so hotly discussed in the current literature.

Researchers in the fields of asthma and allergy, health care providers, and others who follow research in either of these two developing areas will benefit from this book. The book is written at the level of one investigator to another.

Table of Contents

The Rising Prevalence and Severity of Asthma in Western Society: Are the Causes of Asthma the Causes of the Increase? - T.A.E. Platss-Mills, M. Perzanowski, M.C. Carter, and J.A. Woodfolk
Viral Modulation of Airway Inflamation - S.P. Saunders and D. Proud
The Risk of Developing Asthma During Childhood - P.W. Heymann
Loss of M2 Mascarinic Receptor Function and Expression in Airway Disease - D.B. Jacoby and A.D. Fryer
Role of CD4+ T Cells in the Development of Allergen-Induced Allergic Inflammation - M. Wills-Karp
Modified Recombinant Allergens for Immunotherapy - A.M. Smith
Cockroach-Sensitive Guinea Pig Asthma: A Model for Indoor Environmental Asthma - B.C. Kang, D. Zhou, G, Chen, R. Proffitt, B. Miller, and J.T. Kim
The Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke Asthma: Studies with a Dynamic Exposure Chamber - S.B. Lehrer, R.J. Rando and M. Lopez
The Role of Exposure to Endotoxin in Potentiating Airway Reactivity - B. Bochlecke and D. Peden
The Role of Genetics and Indoor Allergen Exposure in Atopic Asthma - K. Barnes and M. Liu
Genes and the Environment in Asthma: A Changing Quotient - L. Rosenwasser

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