Atmospheric Research in Antarctica : Present Status and Thrust Areas in Climate Change book cover
1st Edition

Atmospheric Research in Antarctica
Present Status and Thrust Areas in Climate Change

Edited By

Neloy Khare

ISBN 9780367408800
Published December 2, 2019 by CRC Press
288 Pages 223 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Atmospheric Research in Antarctica: Present Status and Thrust Areas in Climate Change represents a panoramic view of the developments in the field of Antarctic atmospheric sciences and meteorology broadly covering geomagnetism and aeronomy, middle atmospheric studies and global and climate change studies. It includes greenhouse gases, ozone monitoring as well as very low frequency (VLF) phenomena, and space weather, Antarctic meteorology, and mathematical modeling of atmosphere and ocean processes around Antarctica. Atmospheric electricity and aerosols investigations over Antarctica along with the total solar eclipse-related studies, calibration of AWIFS Sensor, and measurements of positive ions, are also discussed. This book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in atmospheric studies, meteorology, Antarctic studies, climate change.


  • Covers scientific aspects of Antarctic meteorology and atmospheric sciences under climate change scenario                                                                                               
  • Contains diverse set of information with strong bearing on recent and past polar processes           
  • Presents integrated research on polar science coupled with meteorological, climatological and atmosphericsciences                          
  • Thoroughly reviews geomagnetism and aeronomy, middle atmospheric studies including global and climate change studies                                                                                    
  • Helps readers understand how Antarctica’s climate has changed in the past and is being affected by ‘global warming’ and how might we expect its climate to change in the future?

Table of Contents

  1. Indian Antarctic Programme - Aeronomy and Atmospheric Sciences: An Overview
  2. B. H. Subbaraya

  3. Geomagnetism and Allied Studies in Antarctica - A Review
  4. A. Dhar, A. Hanchinal, S. Gurubaran and B.M. Pathan

  5. Study of Antarctic Meteorology and Atmospheric Ozone: A Review
  6. R. P. Lal

  7. Mathematical Modelling of Atmosphere and Ocean Processes Around Antarctica

    1. C. Pandey, S. Rai, A. P. Mishra, V. K. Pandey, S. Dwivedi, A. Mitra and K. C. Tripathi

  1. Very Low Frequency (VLF) Emissions Observed at High Latitude Indian Station Maitri, Antarctica: A Review
  2. A.K. Gwal, S. Kumar, S. K. Singh, R. P. Patel, S. Saini and P. K. Purohit

  3. Atmospheric Studies Over Antarctica During Last Two Decades: An Overview
  4. S. L. Jain, H.N. Dutta, R. Singh, B.C. Arya, S.D. Ghude, P. S. Kulkarni, S. Nath and R. S. Tanwar

  5. Atmospheric Electricity and Aerosol Investigations over Antarctica
  6. A K Kamra and C G Deshpande

  7. Observations of Unique Long Duration Shadow Band Activity During the November 23, 2003 Total Solar Eclipse Near Maitri, Antarctica
  8. S M. Bhandari

  9. Exploration of Antarctica as a Natural Test site for Vicarious calibration of AWiFS Sensor Onboard Resourcesat-1
  10. S.S Manjul, P. Narayanbabu, D. R. M. Samudraiah and S.M. Bhandari

  11. Measurements of Positive Ions, Air-Earth Current and Atmospheric Aerosols
  12. A.K. Kamra, D. Singh and V. Pant

  13. Study of Space Weather on GPS performance at Low Latitude Station, Bhopal and High Latitude Station Maitri, Antarctica

K. Gwal1, S. Bhattacharya, R. Yadav and P.K. Purohit

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Dr. Khare, presently Adviser / Scientist G to the Government of India at MoES. has a very distinctive acumen not only of administration but also of quality science and research in his areas of expertise covering large spectrum of geographically distinct locations like Antarctic, Arctic, Southern Ocean, Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean etc. Dr. Khare has almost 30 years of experience in the field of paleoclimate research using paleobiology (Paleontology) / teaching / science management /administration / coordination for scientific programmes (including Indian Polar Programme) etc. Having completed his doctorate (Ph.D) on tropical marine region and Doctor of Science (D.Sc) on Southern High latitude marine regions towards environmental / climatic implications using various proxies including foraminifera (micro-fossil), have made significant contributions in the field of Paleoclimatology of Southern high latitude regions (Antarctic and Southern Ocean) using Micropaleontology as a tool. These studies coupled with his palaeoclimatic reconstructions from tropical regions helped understand causal linkages and tele-connections between the processes taking place in Southern high latitudes with that of climate variability occurring in tropical regions. Dr. Khare has been conferred Honorary Professor and Adjunct Professor by many Indian Universities. He has very impressive list of publications to his credit (121 research articles in National and International Scientific journals; 3 Special Issues of National Scientific Journals as Guest Editor; Edited Special Issue of Polar Science (Elsevier) as its Managing Editor. Authored/ edited many books, 130 Abstracts have been contributed to various seminars; 23 Popular Science Articles; 5 Technical reports). Government of India and many professional bodies have bestowed him with many prestigious Awards for his humble scientific contributions to Past climate changes/ Oceanography / Polar Science and Southern Oceanography The most coveted award is Rajiv Gandhi National Award -2013 conferred by Honourable President of India Other include ISCA YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD, BOYSCAST FELLOWSHIP, CIES FRENCH FELLOWSHIP, KRISHNAN GOLD MEDAL, BEST SCIENTISTAWARD, EMINENT SCIENTIST AWARD, ISCA Platinum Jubilee Lecture, IGU Fellowship, besides many. Dr. Khare has made tremendous efforts to popularize ocean science and polar science across the country by way of delivering many Invited lectures, radio talks and publishing popular science articles. Dr. Khare has sailed in Arctic Ocean as a part of "Science PUB" in 2008 during the International Polar Year campaign for scientific exploration in Arctic Ocean and became the first Indian to sail in the Arctic Ocean.