Attention Deficit Disorder: Practical Coping Methods (e-Book) book cover

Attention Deficit Disorder

Practical Coping Methods

By C. Fisher Barbara, Ross A Beckley

© 1999 – CRC Press

392 pages

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Answering questions logically and systematically, Attention Deficit Disorder: Practical Coping Methods eliminates the confusion common among professionals treating this disorder. The book reflects the authors' belief that ADD represents a very complex syndrome that requires very specific diagnosis, including identification not only of specific attentional symptoms but also of the other accompanying issues. He elucidates an integrated approach to treatment that uses medication and coping mechanisms to address the specific problems and understand the emotional issues that may prevent the child, adolescent, or adult from working to his or her full potential.

Table of Contents

What is Attention Deficit Disorder?

The Two Subtypes of ADD: ADD without Hyperactivity versus ADHD.

Looking at ADD without Hyperactivity

Over-Focused Subtype of ADD without Hyperactivity

ADHD Revisited

Comorbid, Associated Physical Disorders

Comorbid, Associated Emotional Disorders

Assessment and Why is it So Important in Diagnosing ADD?

After the Evaluation: How Tests or Clinical Findings are used to Develop Coping Mechanisms to Address the Symptoms of ADD

How to Tell Your Child About ADD

Adolescence and ADD: a Class by Itself

The Impact of Attention Disorders within the Family System

Living with an ADD Person, How Does ADD Affect the Marriage

ADD in the Work Place

Legal Information: IDEA, Section 504 and ADA

How to Work with the Schools to Get What You Need


Treatment Does Not Mean Just Medication

ADD and Brain Damage: Does it Make a Difference?

Summary of Issues Critical to Understand ADD



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