Australian Principles of Tort Law: 3rd Edition (Paperback) book cover

Australian Principles of Tort Law

3rd Edition

By Pam Stewart, Anita Stuhmcke

© 2012 – Federation Press

624 pages

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Now in its third edition Australian Principles of Tort Law continues to provide currency, depth of analysis, and clear instruction as to how to approach this challenging area of law. This edition incorporates the latest materials and includes observations as to the scope and content of the growing body of legal interpretation of the tort law reform legislation across all jurisdictions, as courts throughout Australia interpret and apply the challenging legislative provisions.

Stewart and Stuhmcke succeed in clarifying a conceptually difficult area of law across all Australian jurisdictions. They discuss an excellent range of cases (geographical and hierarchical), explain the relevance and applicability of the tort law reform legislation, and detail the impact and importance of the 'Ipp Report'.

Table of Contents

Introduction to the law of torts, The nature of intentional torts, Intentional torts to the person, Actions on the cases for physical injuries or nervous shock, Trespass to land

Intentional torts relating to goods, Defences to intentional torts, Introduction to negligence and duty of care, Breach of duty, Scope of liability: Causation, Scope of liability: Remoteness of damage, Proof, Defences to negligence: contributory negligence, voluntary assumption of risk and statutory defences, The Framework of the NSW Civil Liability Act 2002, Personal liability of criminals, volunteers, good samaritans and apologists, Atypical plaintiffs and specific duty issues, Negligently caused pure economic loss, Liability of statutory authorities in Negligence, The Tort of Breach of statutory duty, Vicarious liability and non-delegable duties, Nuisance, Remedies, Death, Contribution among Tortfeasors

About the Authors

Pam Stewart

Pam Stewart is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney. Pam has published extensively in the area of tort law with particular interest in recent legislative reforms and changing applications of tort law to claims by children and young people as well as those injured during recreational activity. Pam has in the past, also practised as a solicitor.

Titles by Pam Stewart:

•Australian Principles of Tort Law - Forthcoming Release

Anita Stuhmcke

Dr Anita Stuhmcke is a Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Technology, Sydney. Anita has published extensively in the area of law and change with particular emphasis upon regulatory change pertaining to private and public ombudsman and developments in reproductive technologies.

Titles by Anita Stuhmcke:

•Australian Principles of Tort Law - Forthcoming Release

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