1st Edition

Autoimmune Diseases
Focus on Sjögren's Syndrome

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ISBN 9781872748238
Published January 1, 1994 by Garland Science
240 Pages

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Book Description

A comprehensive guide to the factors involved in the aetiology of autoimmune diseases in general, and of Sjögren's syndrome in particular. The book reflects the cutting edge of research and focuses on advances made by the application of molecular biological techniques. A wide range of topics are covered, including advances in serological assessment and therapy, links between autoimmunity and malignancy, animal models of Sjögren's syndrome, and the role of the T-cell receptor and cell adhesion molecules.

Table of Contents

Autoimmunity and the clinical spectrum of Sjögren's syndrome, D.Kausmann et al. The molecular pathology of Sjögren's syndrome, P.M.Speight and R.Jordan. Cell adhesion in autoimmune rheumatic disease, J.C.W.Edwards and L.S.Wilkinson. Experimental models of Sjögren's syndrome, A.C.Horsfall et al. Autoantibodies in Sjögren's syndrome: their origins and pathological consequences, P.J.Maddison. Use of peptides for the mapping of B-cell epitopes recognized by anti-Ro (SS-A) antibodies, V.Ricchiuti and S.Muller. Glycosylation abnormalities in Sjögren's syndrome, P.Youinou et al. T-cell receptor usage in the autoimmune rheumatic diseases, P.M.Lydyard et al. Immunogenetics: a tool to analyse autoimmunity, F.C.Arnett. Viruses in the initiation and perpetuation of autoimmunity of Sjögren's syndrome, P.J.W.Venables et al. Autoimmunity and malignancy, P.Isaacson and J.Spencer. The therapy of autoimmunity, M.L.Snaith.

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"This book is important to the expansion of knowledge, not only of Sjögren's syndrome, but also of other autoimmune diseases. I can certainly recommend it to those who are interested in the clinical and basic research aspects of Sjögren's syndrome and oth