1st Edition

BASICS: Be Always Sure Inputs Create Success 12 Lean Six Sigma Tools and Techniques to Reduce the Cost of Quality from the Coal Face Out

By Paul Cunningham Copyright 2021
    162 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The BASICS Handbook is designed to show personnel at all levels within a manufacturing operations environment that, with easy to understand continuous improvement tools, they can make a difference to operational performance where safety, quality, cost, delivery, and people are paramount to business success. The tools and techniques throughout, based upon examples from the author’s experience, demonstrate that no matter what industry, they can bring the desired added value.

    This book will help any manufacturing shop floor add value in terms of quality/cost and delivery performance. It will also show how using tools and techniques from the “coal face” out will improve process performance by using simple data collection and measurement – not only on outputs, but just as importantly on “critical to quality inputs” such as process parameters and their processing windows – to deliver the desired output KPIs. The power and confidence that this gives to local experts and processing teams enable them to make informed decisions,  preventing drifts and non-conforming product: prevention being better than cure.

    The result of these changes is a tangible cultural impact on the shop floor, raising the level at which operating teams work and improving morale. BASICS will enable staff at all levels to understand their performance measures and produce sustainable results. The book contains practical tools, methods, and techniques that have been tried and tested by the author over a successful 30-year career as a contractor transforming variable processing and inconsistent KPI results.

    Part 1 Cultural Development.

    1. Policy Deployment.

    2. Lean Productive Systems Road Map.

    3. 5S Workplace Organisation.

    4. TPM. Total Productive Maintenance.

    5. Centers of Excellence. Safety. Quality. Cost. Delivery. People. SQCDP.

    Part 2 Data Measurement Tools and Techniques.

    6. Statisitical Process Control. SPC.

    7. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)Link to Single Minute Exchange of Die. (SMED)

    8. Process Parameter Monitoring.

    9. Value Stream Mapping. (VSM) Current and Future State

    Part 3 Root Cause Analysis.

    10. 8D – 8 Disciplines / Practical Problem Solving (PPS)

    11. Pareto Analysis. Cause and Effect. 5 Why.

    12. 5F.Find It. Focus. Fast. Fix it. Feedback. .

    Part 4 The Concept of People.

    My Views on Continuous Improvement - A Philosophy.

    Mom We Made It…


    Paul Cunningham is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and an accomplished Improvement Contractor who has spent the past 15 years improving processes and failing KPIs in varied industries inclusive of automotive, aerospace, oil and gas, and construction manufacturing, often transforming catastrophic losses into profit-making businesses. Paul’s understanding that it is people together with processes that solve problems and issues, not processes alone, has made him a go-to in the manufacturing industry when staff at all levels are needed to drive a transformation process of continuous improvement.

    "City of Wolverhampton College have purchased several of these books for our learning resource centres and to date staff and students have found the book to be very informative and written in a very easy to follow format using techniques throughout that are based upon examples from the author’s experience. The book demonstrates that no matter what industry, they can bring the desired outcome and added value."

    Ian Browne, Vice Principal for Student Success, City of Wolverhampton College, UK