1st Edition

Bacterial Genetics and Genomics

By Lori A.S. Snyder Copyright 2020
    413 Pages 412 Color Illustrations
    by Garland Science

    413 Pages 412 Color Illustrations
    by Garland Science

    413 Pages 412 Color Illustrations
    by Garland Science

    Our understanding of bacterial genetics has progressed as the genomics field has advanced. Genetics and genomics complement and influence each other; they are inseparable. Under the novel insights from genetics and genomics, once-believed borders in biology start to fade: biological knowledge of the bacterial world is being viewed under a new light and concepts are being redefined. Species are difficult to delimit and relationships within and between groups of bacteria – the whole concept of a tree of life – is hotly debated when dealing with bacteria. The DNA within bacterial cells contains a variety of features and signals that influence the diversity of the microbial world. This text assumes readers have some knowledge of genetics and microbiology but acknowledges that it can be varied. Therefore, the book includes all of the information that readers need to know in order to understand the more advanced material in the book. 

    DNA, GENES, AND GENOMES. DNA. Genes. Genomes.
    RNA, TRANSCRIPTIONAL REGULATION, AND TRANSCRIPTOMES. RNA. Transcriptional Regulation. Transcriptomes.
    PROTEINS, STRUCTURES, AND PROTEOMES. Proteins. Protein Folding and Structure. Multiprotein Systems and Proteomes.
    GENETICS, GENOMICS, AND BIOINFORMATICS. Genetics. Genomics. Bioinformatics.
    BACTERIAL RESPONSE, ADAPTATION, AND EVOLUTION. Bacterial Response. Bacterial Adaptation. Bacterial Evolution.
    GENE ANALYSIS, GENOME ANALYSIS, AND LABORATORY TECHNIQUES. Gene Analysis Techniques. Genome Analysis Techniques. Laboratory Techniques.
    APPLICATIONS OF BACTERIAL GENETICS AND GENOMICS. Biotechnology. Infectious Diseases. Bacteriophages.


    Lori Snyder is Associate Professor at Kingston University, having previously worked at the University of Oxford and the University of Birmingham, and studied at Emory University and the College of William and Mary. Her research interests are in whole genome sequencing of bacteria and use of that data in experimental research. She teaches undergraduate and graduate microbiology, genomics, and molecular biology and supervises research students. Professor Snyder was awarded the W H Pierce Prize for contributions to applied microbiology by the Society of Applied Microbiology in 2013.

    "… it is rare to find a clear, concise and really didactic book to attend to their needs.   … Snyder’s Bacterial Genetics and Genomics satisfies [students and researchers] needs, finding a fine balance in a plain, engaging and beautifully illustrated text.  Elegantly organized in coherently linked units, [it] introduces both simpler and complex concepts in an involving and straightforward reading. Gradually, Bacterial Genetics and Genomics bring to light the contemporary and cutting-edge -omics and bioinformatics approaches with striking naturality.  … it is remarkable how clear the essential workflow to the analyses of bacterial genomic data is presented in an uncomplicated language.  … the discussion of the ecology and evolution of bacteria and their viruses by the lens of their molecular biology and genome biology, [is] contextualized with the global concerning challenges, such as antimicrobial resistance. …. [it] will surely help to inspire the next generation of bacteriologists."

    Microbiology Today, May 2021