1st Edition

Bacterial NanoCellulose A Sophisticated Multifunctional Material

Edited By Miguel Gama, Paul Gatenholm, Dieter Klemm Copyright 2013
    314 Pages 145 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    304 Pages 145 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Bacterial nanocellulose (BNC) is an emerging nanomaterial with unique properties produced by several species of ubiquitous fermentation bacteria, most importantly Gluconacetobacter xylinus, previously known as Acetobacter xylinum. BNC has been used for a variety of commercial applications including textiles, cosmetics, and food products, and it has a high potential for medical applications.

    Bacterial NanoCellulose: A Sophisticated Multifunctional Material provides the state of the art of scientific knowledge about the mechanism of cellulose production by bacteria along with pointing out challenges in expansion of BNC production in large scale. It provides the latest update on BNC structure and its modification, as well as comprehensive information about current and future applications of BNC.

    This seminal work covers the basic science, technology, and economic impact of this bulk chemical as well as the companies and patents that are driving the field. It reviews the biosynthesis and properties of BNC.

    Biosynthesis of Bacterial Cellulose
    Inder M. Saxena and R. Malcolm Brown, Jr.
    Effect of Cultivation Conditions on the Structure and Morphological Properties of BNC Biomaterials with a Focus on Vascular Grafts
    Paul Gatenholm, Kim Höglund, Sara Johannesson, Maja Puchades, Christian Brackmann, Annika Enejder, and Lisbeth Olsson
    Large-Scale Production of BNC: State and Challenges
    Dana Kralisch and Nadine Hessler
    Tough Bacterial Nanocellulose Hydrogels Based on the Double-Network Technique
    Anamul Haque, Takayuki Kurokawa, and Jian Ping Gong
    Bacterial Cellulose Surface Modifications
    João P. Silva, Fábia K. Andrade, and Francisco Miguel Gama
    Nematic Ordered Cellulose Templates
    Tetsuo Kondo
    Applications and Products—Nata de Coco
    Muenduen Phisalaphong and Nadda Chiaoprakobkij
    Wound Dressings and Cosmetic Materials from Bacterial Nanocellulose
    Stanislaw Bielecki, Halina Kalinowska, Alina Krystynowicz, Katarzyna Kubiak, Marek Kołodziejczyk, and Manu de Groeve
    Bacterial Nanocellulose Hydrogels Designed as Bioartificial Medical Implants
    Dieter Klemm, Hannes Ahrem, Friederike Kramer, Wolfgang Fried, Jens Wippermann, and Raimund W. Kinne
    Bacterial Nanocellulose Biomaterials with Controlled Architecture for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds and Customizable Implants
    Paul Gatenholm, Joel Berry, Andrea Rojas, Michael B. Sano, Rafael V. Davalos, Kara Johnson, and Laurie O´Rourke
    Biomimetic Mineralization of Apatite on Bacterial Cellulose
    Thi Thi Nge and Junji Sugiyama
    Bacterial Nanocellulose as a Structured Platform for Conductive Biopolymers
    Fernando Dourado, Daliana Muller, Catarina Nunes, Carlos Rambo, and Guilherme Mariz de Oliveira Barra


    Miguel Gama, Paul Gatenholm and Dieter Klemm