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1st Edition

Bahrain Through The Ages the History

    ISBN 9781138964310
    636 Pages
    Published August 26, 2016 by Routledge

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    ISBN 9780710302724
    636 Pages
    Published January 10, 1993 by Routledge

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    First Published in 1993. This volume is based on the papers delivered at the historical sessions of the conference 'Bahrain Through the Ages', organised in Bahrain on the initiative of the Government of the State of Bahrain, in December 1983. The papers are substantially the texts of those delivered at the Conference, adapted to printed form. This volume is the companion to 'Bahrain Through the Ages - the Archaeology'.

    Introduction; The role of Bahrain in Mohammad Ali's attempt to establish a unified Arab nation; The inhabitants of Bahrain at the emergence of Islam; Bahrain in the seventh century; The Portuguese in Bahrain and its environs; Documentation of the modern history of Bahrain from American sources (1900-1938); Reference works on Bahrain; The coinage of Mismiir b. Salm, ruler of al-Qarif in the 3rd/9th century; C. Dalrymple Belgrave: the early years as Adviser in Bahrain; Bahrain in the Second World War; Traditional techniques of navigation in the seas of Bahrain’ The contribution of Portuguese sources and documents in recording the history of Bahrain in the first half of the sixteenth century; Bahrain, the Gulf and trading contracts with South India and the Far East; Bahrain according to Arab geographers and historians from the ninth century to Ibn Battuta; Early visual documentation of Bahrain; Some issues in the history of Bahrain; The Bahrain of the geographers; Bahrain in early Islam; The Utoob in the eighteenth century; Bahraini trade, from the 'Utiib conquest until the appearance Ofoil; An Arab pharmacopoea of the Gulf region; The art of printing in Bahrain 1913-1948; Bahrain in a description by Al).mad ibn Majid, AD 1490; A reconsideration of the history of Bahrain; Sassanid dirhams from the island of Tarot; Trade relations between Bahrain and Iraq in the Middle Ages; Commerce and coins in medieval Bahrain; The development of the postal service in Bahrain; Competition for Bahrain during the early decades of al-Khalifa rule, especially in the years 1799-1803; The establishment of the shaikhdom of Bahrain in historical Perspective; Customary irrigation law among the BaI:iarnah of Bahrain; The Dutch East India Company and Bahrain; Bahrain according to the Annal Dell' Islam ofCaetani, 1-40 AH; The secret alphabet on the map of an anonymous Portuguese sailor: a new document for the history of Bahrain; Some British views of Bahrain: the work of the Bombay; Marine and Indian Navy, 1785-1863; Frontier relationships between Bahrain and Oman; Anglo-American rivalry in Bahrain, 1918-47; Aspects of the life of Shaikh Mulhammad bin Khalifa bin Salman bin Al).mad al-Khalifa


    Shaikh Abdullah bin Khalid Al-Khalifa, Michael Rice

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