1st Edition

Balochistan and the Mélange of Violence Regional Context and External Factors

By Seema Khan Copyright 2024
    182 Pages
    by Routledge India

    This book presents a comprehensive analysis of the intricate security situation prevailing in Balochistan. It explores and establishes correlations between the internal structural vulnerabilities and fault lines of the Pakistani state with the external influences exerted on the region.

    Employing a rigorous examination of both primary and secondary data, the volume critically examines the multifaceted nature of organised violence in Balochistan. In addition to separatist movements, the presence of religious militancy and cross-border terrorism is thoroughly examined. The book delves into the external involvement of regional and global powers in the intricate tapestry of violence within Balochistan, thereby shedding light on the emerging geopolitical landscape and the corresponding power dynamics in the region. It also analyses how the implementation of largescale developmental initiatives, particularly facilitated by China under the auspices of the China–Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), has elevated the geostrategic significance of Balochistan while simultaneously entangling it in the vortex of regional power politics.

    This volume will be of interest to scholars and researchers specializing in geopolitics, International Relations, and South Asian studies.

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    1 Introduction 1

    2 Colonial legacy, uneven modernisation, ethnic conflict, ethno-nationalism, fragile state: Key concepts 15

    3 Militancy in Balochistan: Contextual factors – Geostrategic location, external involvement and power politics 44

    4 Balochistan violence within: A contextual analysis 59

    5 The militancy in Balochistan: The mélange of violence 93

    6 Balochistan: A flashpoint for geopolitical competition 114

    7 Conclusion 135

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    Seema Khan is an academic based at Deakin University in Australia. She has a PhD in Political Science with a special focus on power politics, strategic relationships and identity-based conflicts. Her PhD thesis focused on the mélange of violence in Balochistan: regional context and external factors. Her core area of interest is power politics and its impact on Pakistan’s security and economic situation. She has recently completed her fellowship with the London School of Economics (LSE) and her research project at LSE was The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor: A Flashpoint of Regional Competition.