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Basin Analysis Global Sedimentary Geology Sedimentology
Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 8

Edited By

Liu Baojun


Li Sitian

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ISBN 9789067642446
Published April 30, 1997 by CRC Press
364 Pages

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Book Description

The 30th International Geological Congress was held in Beijing, China in August 1997. Leading scientists convened to present their findings and views to the international geological research community. Volume 8 of 26 focuses on basin analysis, global sedimentary geology and sedimentology. All articles in the proceedings have been refereed and keynote papers have been included in Volume 1. These proceedings aim to present a view of contemporary geology and should be of interest to researchers in the geological sciences.

Table of Contents

Preface Fluid migration between fault-bound basins on the South China margin Chi-Yuen Wang, Ming-Jun Wang, Peng-Tao Sun and Guo-Ping Liang Sedimentological and tectonic studies on the nonmarine sequences of the tectonic-controlled Cretaceous Gyeongsang Basin, Korea Dae-Kyo Cheong Sequence stratigraphy and distribution of oil and gas, Songliao Basin, China Gao Ruiqi, Cai Xiyuan, Xu Hong and Ren Yanguang Tectonic types of petroliferous basins in Northwest China He Dengfa, Li Desheng and Lu Xiuxiang Intensity of Cretaceous general atmospheric circulation: A deduction from geologic record of Cretaceous desert in China Jiang Xinsheng, Fu Qingping and Li Yuwen Temporal and spatial distribution of Cretaceous deserts in Middle and Eastern China and its climatic significance Jiang Xinsheng, Li Yuwen and Fu Qingping Potential paleoclimate indicators: Compositions of detrital pyroxene and ilmenite in River Nile and Nile Delta sediments J.S. Schneiderman Early Tertiary depositional basins of Hong Kong Kuen-Wai Lai Cainozoic aeolian sediments and their diagenesis at Isipingo Beach, Natal South Coast, South Africa Kui-Wu Liu The characteristics of sequence stratigraphy in the epicontinental basin Li Zengxue, Wei Jiuchuan, Li Shouchun, Wang Mingzhen and Zhang Xiqi Comparative analysis of geochemical processes in the Early Paleozoic sedimentary basin of Estonia L. Bityukova and A. Shogenova Depositional systems, sequence stratigraphy and basin filling evolution of Erlian fault lacustrine basin, Northeast China Lin Changsong, Li Sitian, Wang Yongxian, Ren Jangye and Zhang Yanmei Subsidence and stretching of some Mesozoic rift basins in East China Lin Changsong, Li Sitian, Zhang Qimin and Zhang Yanmei Basin modelling by gravity, magnetics and electrical information and its application Meng Yuanlin, Xiao Lihua and Zhang Jing Evolution and subsidence history of the Sichuan Basin, Southwest China R.J. Korsch, Mai Huazhao, Sun Zhaocai and J.D. Gorter Evolution of fluid flow systems, geothermal regime, and hydrocarbon migration and accumulation in the Alberta Basin, Canada S. Bachu Petrogenetic classification of pyroclastic rocks Sun Shanping, Li Jiazhen, Bai Zhida, Wei Haiquan, Zhu Qinwen and Wang Yang Stratigraphic architecture of a deltaic succession related to sea-level rise: Implications from the autoretreat theory of shoreline Tetsuji Muto Subsurface temperatures, fluid pressures, and salinities in the Rio Grande Embayment, Gulf of Mexico Basin, USA T.E. McKenna and J.M. Sharp, Jr. Supersequences of the Phanerozoic in the Tethys Himalayas Wang Chengshan and Li Xianghui Tectonic, geothermal history, oil and gas on the continent of China Wei Dawei and Yin Xiulan Geological characteristics and formative mechanism of the Wan'an (Nam Con Son) Basin Southwestern in the South China Sea Wu Jinmin A carbonate shelf-to-basin depositional system of the Early Palaeozoic Warburton Basin, Australia Xiaowen Sun and W.J. Stuart Geophysical research of deep tectonics and basin evolution in the East China Sea area Xu Weiling, Jiao Rongchang, Zhou Deyu, Le Junyin and Huang Zhaoxiong Paleogeography of the South China Continent and its contrast with the Pangea Xu Xiaosong, Xu Qiang, Pan Guitang and Liu Qiaohong Lake sedimentation changes during the late glacial and Holocene of Belarus (palynological data) Y. Yelovicheva Early Cambrian reefs on the northern margin of the Sichuan Basin Ye Jian, Xu Andong, Yang Youyun, Liu Fanghan and Yuan Kexing

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Baojun\, Liu; Sitian\, Li