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Becoming a Trustworthy Leader
Psychology and Practice

ISBN 9780415882828
Published December 17, 2012 by Routledge
224 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

It's time to discover a new way for individuals to lead organizations and societies. Trust in a variety of institutions, including governmental and business, is at an all-time low. In order to strengthen society from its foundations, we need to rebuild trust.  Research shows that leaders are critical to building trust in organizations, and that trust in leadership is significantly related to a number of attitudes, behaviors and performance outcomes. This new book, with its emphasis on the critical role of leadership in trust-building as well as the novel perspective on the trust circle of leadership, will be of interest to all students and researchers studying leadership,  management and organizational behavior.

Table of Contents

Series Foreword Georgia Sorenson and Ronald Riggio 1. Overview of Our Book 2. What is Trust and Why Does it Matter? 3. Leaders are Born and Made:  How Trust and Leadership Fit Together 4. Accelerating Change by Developing Your Own Trust NetworkTM 5. Building Trust with Teams 6. Making Change Last by Creating Organizational Trust 7. Creating Innovation Culture through the ROCC of Trust 8. Trust Across Borders 9. Leadership and Trust in Healthcare Contexts 10. Rebuilding Trust 11. Making Trust Last by Enlarging Your Purpose.

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Dr. Aneil Mishra is managing partner of Total Trust Coaching & Consulting in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. He is the coauthor of Trust is Everything: Become the Leader Others Will Follow. Aneil has been a business school professor at Penn State University, Wake Forest University, and Duke University. Aneil mentors leaders and teams, helping them to build trust in order to improve organizational performance. Aneil is a graduate of Princeton University and earned his PhD from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.

Dr. Karen E. Mishra is a business school professor in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina. She has been a business school professor at Michigan State University, Wake Forest University, and Penn State University. She conducts research on how leaders build trust and engagement through internal communication. She is coauthor of Trust is Everything: Become the Leader Others Will Follow. She is also an executive coach, helping leaders build trust with their teams. She earned her MBA from the University of Michigan Ross School of Business and her PhD from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


'The authors have done an excellent job of organizing this volume. They have covered a huge array or trust related topics within this volume.  Given the current immense attention, concern and perhaps even fear of upcoming political elections and wall street abuses, the attention to politicians and business leaders who have failed us in the past will be viewed as highly relevant to most people's interest.  The figures and related statistics provide powerful tools to establish the importance of building trust in those leadership positions.' - Linda K. Stroh, Graduate School of Business, Loyola University Chicago, USA


In today’s popular press, one encounters examples of the so-called “trust deficit” on a daily basis.   And yet little is ever offered as a solution for rebuilding those relationships; reestablished the trust that is the bedrock of all human relationships.  For years, Drs. Aneil and Karen Mishra have been amongst the few thought leaders working on that important topic, and I have found their thinking and advice an essential ingredient in my culture change work at several firms, in different industries.  In Becoming a Trustworthy Leader:  Psychology and Practice, the Mishra’s elegantly lay out a roadmap for leaders to build (or restore) trust, drawing upon their expertise, primary research, and the thinking of others in this field.  It is essential reading for thoughtful leaders in the public and private sectors, students of organizational behavior, and those involved in the political arena. -Steven Fitzgerald, Vice President, Human Resources (Learning, Talent Management, Workforce Research, M & A, and Shared Services Avaya


"These are grim times when it comes to trust and leadership. Around the globe, public trust in leaders has plummeted to its lowest levels – and deservedly so, one might argue. Then along comes Aneil Mishra and Karen Mishra’s Becoming a Trustworthy Leader. Drawing on deep insights from their own research, combined with compelling real-world examples, they show us how leaders can build and sustain truly trustworthy organizations. This book is essential reading. It will help us get the leadership and organizations we deserve." - Roderick M. Kramer, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University


Aneil and Karen Mishra  have come up with another winner. Trust in today's global economy is more valuable than gold and the very foundation of western capitalist economic system. Through the magic and transparency of the market place, producers and consumers trust each other that value will be provided at a fair price. Unfortunately, due to the misalignment of incentives in healthcare - its fatal flaw - such trust is lacking as market forces are largely absent in determining value or price - thus little or no trust. Despite this fundamental flaw, Aneil and Karen  Mishra explore how trust can be established among the various stakeholders, providers, patient and payer.  They provide a cogent and credible template for trust in healthcare based on reliability, openness, competence and compassion, providing compelling case study support of leaders in the field who successfully  established trust and success. BRAVO my friends for a job well done!!!!!!  --Thomas A. Schwann, Chief, Cardiothoracic Surgery at University of Toledo


There are deficits looming around us but the greatest one is that of Trust. The ecosystem we live in is driven by values of which Trust is at the core but at the same time the lack of trust is reaching pandemic proportions. The need for strong leadership to address this problem cannot be overstated and without a change in how people lead, we run the risk of the trust deficit continuing to grow.  Aneil and Karen Mishra  hit the mark by exposing the Trust Deficit, and they open our eyes to what can be done to reverse the trend.    The cited research,  and their own real world experience,  give us true perspective not often seen and provide us with the hope to make a change; a change that will impact both our professional and personal lives.  Well done my friends! --Todd Francis, VP, US Commercial Support and Enterprise Marketing, Sanofi US


“Becoming a Trustworthy Leader by Aneil and Karen Mishra provides a prescription for rectifying the pernicious trust deficit that undermines companies, governments and societies.  Through well-documented research, the authors discuss the key role of trust in enabling individuals and organizations to excel.  They also demonstrate how trusted leaders exhibit common traits of courage, humility and authenticity.  The authors offer proven advice on becoming a trusted leader by examining leaders who have built what they call “The ROCC of Trust” – behaviors that cause them to be viewed by others as Reliable, Open (Honest), Competent and Compassionate.  With trust in institutions at an all-time low, this book offers hope and direction for enlightened leadership.” – William B. Haynes, President, BackBay Communications

In their new book, Becoming a Trustworthy Leader:  Psychology and Practice, Aneil and Karen Mishra present a compelling case for the importance of trust in leading organizations.  Unfortunately, we have ample evidence in business as well as politics of leaders who have proven to be untrustworthy and whose organizations or causes have consequently suffered.  So this book, which offers numerous examples and practical strategies for building trust, is not only timely but highly relevant in today’s environment.  Research has shown that what people want most from their leaders is trust.  Anyone in a leadership position or aspiring to be a top leader would benefit from this very practical volume.  Particularly useful are the authors’ ideas on building trust in teams and organizations, making trust last, and rebuilding trust if trust has been lost.—Terry R. Bacon, PhD, author of The Elements of Power, Elements of Influence, and What People Want

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