1st Edition

Behaviour and Design of Steel and Composite Connections in Fire

By Mostafa Jafarian, Yong Wang Copyright 2023
    160 Pages 120 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Under fire conditions, the strong interactions in structures result in different load-carrying mechanisms and drastic redistributions of internal forces in structural members, which are concentrated at and transferred via connections. Fire safety depends on the performance of these connections, including their temperature distribution and load-carrying mechanisms, and good performance ensures structural robustness in fire.

    Behaviour and Design of Steel and Composite Connections in Fire is the only dedicated book on fire performance of connections in steel and composite structures. Recent experimental and numerical studies, from individual elements to whole, real-scale structures, have indicated that connections are among the most vulnerable and critical parts of these structures. This book synthesises the research findings on this important subject and explains the essential features in an accessible way in one single source.

    The book is ideal for researchers, structural engineers and fire protection engineers in their applications of performance-based fire engineering.

    1. Introduction. 

    2. Structural analysis of connections in fire. 

    3. Connection temperatures in fire. 

    4. Connection components and their force-displacement relations. 

    5. Application of the component based method for beam-column connection design in fire. 

    6. Hollow section connections. 

    7. Methods of improving connection performance. 

    Appendix A. Thermal and mechanical properties of different types of steel at elevated temperatures. 

    Appendix B. Examples of Checking for shear and bending of connections. 


    Mostafa Jafarian is a Senior Certification Engineer at Warringtonfire, UK, specialising in structural fire protection. He is a member of British Standards Institution’s B/525/0-/32 Eurocodes structural fire design co-ordination panel, and the Association of Specialist Fire Protection task groups for reactive and non-reactive fire protection.

    Professor Yong Wang is Professor of Structural and Fire Engineering at the University of Manchester, winner of the 2011 Henry Adam prize of The Institution of Structural Engineers, the UK member of three Eurocode project teams responsible for revision of Eurocode 3 Part 1.2 and Eurocode 4 Part 1.2, and author of Steel and Composite Structures-Analysis and Design for Fire Safety and co-author of Performance Based Fire Engineering of Structures.