1st Edition

Bending Bodies Volume 2

Edited By Thomas Johansson, Soren Ervo Copyright 2003

    This title was first published in 2003. The contributing authors have sought to integrate a gender perspective into their respective fields without isolating it from other theoretical accounts. The chapters attempt to employ insights from feminist work and gender studies in general, yet insist on criticizing monolithic accounts of masculinity and elaborating on more differentiated, historically and socially embedded accounts of men's lives and their construction of masculinities. The volume is the result of interdisciplinary workshops focusing on questions of male sexuality, the male body and masculine representations - primarily investigating the relationship between change and continuity within western patriarchal society and the theoretical (rather than political) implications of the new reserach in men and masculinities. This volume differs from the first in that it deals with the construction of masculine identities on an individual level - the individual man's relationship with his own body and sexuality.

    1: Introduction; 2: The Body, the Will and the Fear of Falling: The History of Masculine Self-Control; 3: Consuming Manhood: The Feminization of American Culture and the Recreation of the Male Body, 1832-1920; 4: Men, Bodies and Identities; 5: What's Behind the Mask? Bodybuilding and Masculinity; 6: Putting on Make-up with Red Gloves: Masculine Aesthetics in an Exclusive Male Culture; 7: When Boys Become Men: The Martial Arts as Young People's Revolt against the Youth Rebellion; 8: Sylvester Stallone's Body: A Peculiar, Not To Say Pathological, Interest; 9: Searching for the Body: Marking Connections between Health, Bodies and Men's Violence 1; 10: Male Ways of Giving Birth; 11: The Psychodynamics of Shame in the Autobiographies of Modern Finnish Men; 12: Asthma: The Construction of the Masculine Body; 13: Disabling Men: Masculinity and Disability in A1 Davison's Graphic Autobiography The Spiral Cage; 14: Ethos of Sexual Liberation and the Masculine Other; 15: Coming Out to be Straight: Young Men's Constructions of Heterosexualities; 16: There has always been ... Gay History in Politics and in Reality; 17: Coming of Age in England: Black Gay Young Men's Schooling Experiences


    Thomas Johansson, Soren Ervo