1st Edition

Beneath the Surface An Account of Three Styles of Sociological Research

By Colin Fletcher Copyright 1974

    Originally published in 1974, this book evaluates and compares three important styles of sociological research: positivism, symbolic interactionism and critique. The book describes and evaluates each research technique as an experience for the researcher, and the author explains what they themselves have learned of sociological meaning from engaging in it. The book traces the main ideas through their last generations of sociologists and asks what future there is in a particular method.

    Part 1: The Quantitative Method. Introduction. 1. Men in the Middle: A Reformulation of the Thesis 2. Latent Identities Amongst Lecturers at a Technological University 3. The Quantitative Method in Theory 4. The Practice of Quantitative Research Part 2: The Qualitative Method. Introduction. 5. Observations in a Surgery 6. The Qualitative Method in Theory 7. The Practice of Qualitative Research Part 3: The Method of Social Criticism 8. Fool or Funny Man: The Role of the Comedian 9. The Place of Class in Contemporary Sociology 10. The Idea of Social Criticism 11. The Practice of Critique 12 Postscript: Theory and Practice in the Light of Sociological Method. Appendices 1: Statements and Correlations 2. For the Record 3. Research Units and Research Teams.


    Colin Fletcher was a lecturer in Sociology at the former University College, Cardiff.