Better Location Shooting : Techniques for Video Production book cover
1st Edition

Better Location Shooting
Techniques for Video Production

ISBN 9780240810034
Published September 2, 2008 by Routledge
266 Pages

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Book Description

Location filming is growing in popularity with the abundance of affordable cameras. You don't need a studio, a broadcast truck, or even extensive knowledge of how to use a 16mm film camera--all you need is a digital camera, and you can take your job on the road and shoot wherever action is happening! This book will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take your on-location shooting skills to the next level.

Better Location Filming is packed with the things you will need to know to have great results while shooting your documentary, interview, sporting event, fashion or glamour event, or current affairs/news show. Beyond introductory techniques, the author will tell you how to plan, troubleshoot, handle legal requirements and issues, and of course - he'll teach you all about location filming equipment. Practical and filled with hands-on pointers, this book is perfect for working and aspiring film & video professionals seeking a leg up in their careers.

As a bonus, advanced tips are included for novices who are ready to take shooting techniques to the next level.

Table of Contents

About the Author
1 Location Camera Equipment
Choice of camera & location shooting kit
Narrowing the decision down
Pro-sumer v Professional
Power sources
Supports & mounts
Other location Filming equipment

2 Setting up location cameras and monitors
Why settings matter
Setting up your viewfinder
Setting up monitors
Other settings
Zebra patterning
Using Camera gain

3 Operating tips and techniques
Standardising your method of shooting
Focus pulling like the pro's
Single camera techniques for location shoots
cheating the eye-line on reverse shots
Intro's and long pieces to camera
One man band audio..Using one radio mic
Dealing with unusual problems
Sodium light sources
Controlling glare

4 Location audio
Location priorities
Standard kits
One man band shooting and sound recording
Interview audio
Automatic or manual?
Choosing mics
Positioning mics
Coping with wind & rain
Personal mics & wind noise
Voice-overs on location
Digitising audio into hard disk units
Radio transmitters & water.

5 Interview filming techniques
The humble location interview
Setting up
Camera height
Distance from subject to lens
Add some shallow depth of focus...
Shot sizes.& why they matter
Backgrounds play their part
General interview set-up

6 Shooting sequences
What they are and why they are used
Best way to shoot them
Why do separate takes from different angles
Sizing your shots
Multiple wide shots
Will my shots edit?
Audio for sequences
What cut-aways do I need ?
How much should I shoot ?
Example of a sequence

7 Shooting for the edit
Single camera techniques for making the edit go smoothly
Consistent shooting
Edit your own least once
Video Editor's Forum

8 Location lights
What lights are available
Smaller lights.
200 watts - 400 watts lamps
650 watts - 1 kilowatt lamps
Soft lights for location work
Lighting glossary

9 Choosing lights & specialist lights
Simple rules.
Practical concerns for buying your video lights
Shoot by shoot usage concerns
How many lights do I need to take?
What power lamp do I need?
Specialist lights
What Accessories will I need?
Using reflectors
lighting for different sized areas
Exterior or Interior
Direct light or soft light
Setting up lights safely on location

10 Location Lighting techniques & set-ups
Creating & lighting better backgrounds
Set up 1
Shadows, patterns & Gobo's
Set up 2
Soft light techniques
Set up 3
Set up 4
Soft lights for location shooting
Lighting a scene from outside
Trace frames
Matching the existing light
How much light to use
Camera top lights
Location light safety

11 Cut aways, G.V's, B roll etc
It's a black art you know..
Methodical working
Location shooting example
What shots work....and some that don't
Get movement in the shots
Static shots & pack-shots

12 Current Affairs & News
Work-load for camera people
Day by day newsgathering on location
Other tips for newsgathering
Press packs & breaking news events
Press conferences for one man bands
Live hits into scheduled programmes
Sequences & packages

13 Hi-Def
14 Location shooting abroad
Planning & organisation
Budgeting and costs
Help from agencies
Flying with your kit
Getting kit in & out of countries
The 'what on earth can go wrong' check list...

15 Health and safety on location
Personal crew safety on location
Filming from heights
Filming from vehicles
Carrying your kit
Safety & location lights

16 Staying fit & well on location
Personal health on location shoots
Exercises:..Stamina, flexibility.

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Paul Martingell is a camera operator, director, and producer, and he currently spends 4 days a week shooting for the BBC on location shoots. He has filmed, directed, and produced over 98 broadcast TV shows, and he has shot on location throughout the world.


"If you are a shooter, you got to read this book."
--Internet Video Magazine