Biobased Surfactants and Detergents : Synthesis, Properties, and Applications book cover
1st Edition

Biobased Surfactants and Detergents
Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

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ISBN 9781893997677
Published January 27, 2010 by AOCS Publishing
515 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides an overview of biobased surfactants currently under development. The first chapter provides an overview of biobased surfactant research and development in the industrial sector, including synthesis, applications, and current trends and directions in the field. Several chapters describe the current state-of-the-art of biosurfactants, natural amphiphiles synthesized by microorganisms, including their synthesis and applications. An additional focus area is on the application of biobased surfactants as lung surfactants.
Many chapters involve the chemical and enzymatic synthesis and applications of biobased surfactants consisting of polyols derived from nature, particularly, mono- and di-saccharides and amino acids. The employment of enzymes as catalysts to direct the synthesis of biobased surfactants is particularly attractive due the reduction of solvent and energy use during the surfactants’ manufacture, and the reduction of purification costs and formation of impurities and by-products.

Table of Contents

Introduction, Importance, and Relevance
Biobased Surfactants: Overview and Industrial State-of-the-Art
Biosynthesis of Rhamnolipids and Sophorolipids
Production and Modification of Sophorolipids from Agricultural Feedstocks
Mannosylerythritol Lipids: Production and Downstream Processing
Advances in Bioprocess Development of Rhamnolipid and Sophorolipid Production
Microemulsions of Rhamnolipid and Sophorolipid Biosurfactants
Lipopeptide Biosurfactants and Their Use in Oil Recovery
Employment of Phospholipids and Their Mimics in Biomedical Applications
Influence of Pulmonary Surfactant Protein Mimics on Model Lung Surfactant
Lung Surfactants: Formulation, Evaluation, and Polymeric Additives
Self-Assembling Properties of Glycolipid Biosurfactants and Their Functional Developments
Sugar-, Polyol-, and Amino-based Lipids: Biodegradable and Biocompatible Surfactants for Foods, Health Care Products, and Pharmaceuticals
Basic Properties of Sucrose Fatty Acid Esters and Their Application
Selective Enzymatic Synthesis of N-Acylated Alkanolamine Emulsifiers
Synthesis of Saccharide Fatty Acid Ester Biosurfactants Catalyzed by Lipase
Synthesis, Aggregation Properties and Applications Of Biosurfactants Derived From Arginine Design of Vegetable Oil Metalworking Fluid Microemulsions Using Bio-based Surfactants
Polyol and Amino Acid-Based Biosurfactants, Builders, and Hydrogels
Interfacial Properties of Sugar-based Surfactants

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Edited by: Douglas Hayes, Dai Kitamoto, Daniel Solaiman, and Richard Ashby