1st Edition

Biochemistry and Function of Sterols

ISBN 9781003068754
Published November 25, 2020 by CRC Press
288 Pages

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Book Description

Leading international scientists bring current and developing topics in sterol research together in Biochemistry and Function of Sterols. The authors are experts in each major area of sterol research-medicine, biochemistry, chemistry, and agriculture. Each chapter features the current state of research as well as new and developing research topics. Throughout the volume the focus is on the major and expanding areas of sterol biochemistry and function of sterols in all classes or organisms. The broad scope of this work embraces many disciplines and will be of interest to a variety of researchers, students, and lay people. Professors will find Biochemistry and Function of Sterols an excellent choice as a textbook for courses on steroid, lipid, or plant biochemistry.

Table of Contents

Inhibitors of 2,3-Oxidosqualene Cyclase as Tools for Studying the Mechanism and Function of the Enzyme, L. Cattel and M. Ceruti
Aromatase Inhibitors, J. O'Neal Johnston
Variability of Metabolism and Function of Sterols in Insects, J.A. Svoboda
Oxysterols and Apoptosis: Evidence for Gene Regulation Outside the Cholesterol Pathway, E.B. Thompson and S. Ayala-Torres
Tracing Steroid Synthesis in Plants, H.W. Groeneveld
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Sterol Synthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, N.D. Lees, M. Bard, and D.R. Kirsch
19-Noraldosterone, Y. Takeda
Enzymology of Phytosterol Transformations, W.D. Nes and M. Venkatramesh
Isoprenoid Biosynthesis in Plants: Carbon Partitioning Within the Cytoplasmic Pathway, J.D. Newman and J. Chappell
Mevalonate Biosynthesis in Plants, T.J. Bach, A. Boronat, N. Campos, A. Ferrer, and K.-U. Vollack
Lanosterol Analogs: Dual-Action Inhibitors of Cholesterol Biosynthesis, L.L. Frye and D.A. Leonard
Biochemistry and Function of Nematode Steroids, D.J. Chitwood
Occurrence, Biosynthesis, and Putative Role of Ecdysteroids in Plants, J.H. Adler and R.J. Grebenok
Regulation of 3-Hydroxy-3-Methylglutaryl Coenzyme A Reductase Activity by Side-Chain Oxysterols and Their Derivatives, E.J. Parish, S.C. Parish, and S. Li
Biological Effects of Brassinosteroids, C. Brosa
Vitamin D: A Hormonal Regulator of the cAMP Signaling Pathway, J.P. Berg and E. Haug
Protein Isoprenylation in Plants, S.K. Randall and D.N. Crowell
Chemical Modulation of Activity in Steroidal Estrogens, E. Palomino
Use of Sterol Mutants as Probes for Sterol Functions in the Yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, L.W. Parks, J.H. Crowley, F.W. Leak, S.J. Smith, and M.E. Tomeo
Integration of the Metabolic Pathways of Steroids, Carotenoids, and Retinoids, A.M. Gawienowski

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