1st Edition

Biodegradation Technology Developments
Principles and Practice, Volume II

ISBN 9781566765305
Published December 9, 1997 by CRC Press
718 Pages

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Book Description

This three-volume series, Bioremediation: Principles and Practice, provides state of the art description of advances in pollution treatment and reduction using biological means; identify and address, at a fundamental level, broad scientific and technological areas that are unique to the subject or theme and that must be understood if advances are to be made; and provide a comprehensive overview of new developments at the regulatory, desk-top, bench-scale, pilot scale, and full-scale levels. The series covers all media-air, water, and soil/sediment-and blends the talents, knowledge, and know-how of academic, industrial, governmental, and international contributors.

The series addresses the removal of both hazardous and nonhazardous contaminants from the liquid, solid, and gas phase using biological processes. This includes the biological treatment of wastes of municipal and industrial origin; bioremediation of leachates, soils, and sediments; and biofiltration for contaminated gases.

Table of Contents

Growth and Control of Filamentous Microbes in Wastewater Management Systems
Steven C. Chiesa
Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal Process
M. Beccari, R. Passino, R. Ramadori, and M. C. Tomei
Perspectives on the Use of White Rot Fungi in Bioremediation Technologies
John A. Bumpus
Pollution and Bioremediation of Soils in Arid Zones
Aharon Abelovich and Zeev Ronen
The Effect of Salt on Biological Treatment
Craig R. Woolard and Asher Brenner
A Potential Bioremediation Role for Photosynthetic Bacteria
Pin-Ching Maness and Paul F. Weaver
Plant-Based Bioremediation
L. C. Davis, M. K. Banks, A. P. Schwab, Muralidharan Narayanan, L. E. Erickson, and J. C. Tracy
Environmental Fate of Antibiotics Used in Aquaculture
Jairaj V. Pothuluri, Mohamed Nawaz, and Carl Cerniglia
Treatment of Mixtures of Hazardous Organics and Toxic Metals
Kimberly L. Ogden, Gregory Ogden, Nancy N. Sauer, James Brainard, and Pat J. Unkefer
Advanced Biodegradation Systems for Recalcitrant Organics
Ron Unterman, Gene Bowlen, Mary DeFlaun, Brian Folsom, Mike Shannon, Rob Steffen, and Paul Tonga
Anaerobic Reductive Dechlorination of Perchloroethylene(PCE)
P. J. Hirl and R. L. Irvine
Anaerobic and Aerobic Degradation of Chlorinated Aliphatic Compounds
H. David Stensel
Biofiltration for Treatment of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Air
Rakesh Govind and Dollaf F. Bishop
Current Aspects on Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Biodegradation Processes
Jairaj V. Pothuluri and Carl Cerniglia
Specific Approaches to Bioremediation
Richard Humbert, Aaron P. Withington, Rebecca J. Richter, Meggan S. Chadsey, Nicholas McEwen, James Gray, Jimmie C. Lara, James T. Staley, Wan-Fen Li, Lucio G. Costa, Michael J. Harrington, Larry Thomas, R. T. Herrington, Gregory Sayles, John Haines, and Clement E. Furlong
Biotransformation and Bioremediation of Munitions and Explosives
David L. Kaplan
Biological Detoxification of Organophosphorus Agricultural Neurotoxins
Janet Grimsely, Vipin K. Rastogi, and James R. Wild
Neutralization and Biodegradation of Sulfur Mustard
Steven Harvey
Expanded-Bed GAC Anaerobic Bioreactors: An Innovative Technology for Treating Hazardous and Inhibitory Wastes
Makram T. Suidan and Richard C. Brenner
The Development of the Anaerobic Sequencing Batch Reactor
Lloyd Ketchum and James P. Earley

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