1st Edition

Bioengineering of the Skin
Water and the Stratum Corneum, Volume I

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ISBN 9780849383700
Published September 1, 1994 by CRC Press
320 Pages

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Book Description

The first volume offers comprehensive information about the technology of instruments and the art of applying them in experimental settings. For example, it contains:
- an overview of the ultrastructure and biochemistry of the epidermal barrier
- an explanation of the instruments for measuring transepidermal water loss and epidermal moisture
- guidelines for standardization of measurements and communication of results
- review of current knowledge on epidermal water and transepidermal water loss in health and disease
- instruction by experienced investigators about how to perform product testing with these instruments

Table of Contents

Correlation of Water Content with Ultrastructure in the Stratum Corneum, R.R. Warner and N.A. Lilly.
Water-Keratin Interaction, J.L. Leveque.
In Vitro and In Vivo Models, G. Imokawa.
Transepidermal Water Loss:
General Aspects:
Hardware and Measuring Principles: Evaporimeter, J. Pinnagoda.
Standardization of Measurements, J. Pinnagoda.
Transepidermal Water Loss in Skin Disease with Special Reference to Irritant Contact Dermatitis, V. der Valk and R.A. Tupker.
Prediction of Irritancy, R.A. Tupker.
Atopic Dermatitis and Other Skin Diseases, M. Fartasch.
Dynamic Measurements: The Plastic Occlusion Stress Test (POST) and the Moisture Accumulation Test (MAT), E. Berardesca and P. Elsner.
TEWL and Transcutaneous Penetratio, A. Rougier.
TEWL and the Newborn, D.R. Wilson and H.I. Maibach.
TEWL and Barrier Function of Aging Human Skin, K.P. Wilhelm and H.I. Maibach.
Product Testing:
Testing the Efficacy of Moisturizers, B. Gabard.
Water Content:
General Aspects:
Hardware and Measuring Principle: Corneometer, W. Courage.
Hardware and Measuring Principle: The Nova Meter, B. Gabard and Treffel.
Hardware and Measuring Principle: Skin Conductance, H. Tagami.
Further Hardware and Measuring Principle, D.C. Salter.
Dynamic Measurements: Sorption-Desorption Test, G. Borroni.
Skin Hydration in Detergent-Induced Irritant Dermatitis, D. Van Neste.
Hydration and Atopic Dermatitis, C. Edwards and Marks.
Hydration in Psoriasis and Eczema: The Dry Surface-High Evaporative Water Loss Paradox, J. Serup.
Hydration Injury to Human Skin, A.M. Kligman.
Product Testing:
Effects of Detergents on Skin Hydration, K.P. Wilhelm.
Testing of Moisturizers, M. Loden and M. Lindberg.

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