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Bioremediation Technologies
Principles and Practice, Volume III

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ISBN 9781566765619
Published January 8, 1998 by CRC Press
672 Pages

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Book Description

This three-volume series, Bioremediation: Principles and Practice, provides state of the art description of advances in pollution treatment and reduction using biological means; identify and address, at a fundamental level, broad scientific and technological areas that are unique to the subject or theme and that must be understood if advances are to be made; and provide a comprehensive overview of new developments at the regulatory, desk-top, bench-scale, pilot scale, and full-scale levels. The series covers all media-air, water, and soil/sediment-and blends the talents, knowledge, and know-how of academic, industrial, governmental, and international contributors.

The series addresses the removal of both hazardous and nonhazardous contaminants from the liquid, solid, and gas phase using biological processes. This includes the biological treatment of wastes of municipal and industrial origin; bioremediation of leachates, soils, and sediments; and biofiltration for contaminated gases.

Table of Contents

Volume III. Bioremediation Technologies
Section I. International Bioremediation Agenda
Bioremediation Risk Assessment: Merging Human Health and Ecological Methods
David Reisman, Larry Claxton, and James E. Harvey
Bioremediation in Canada
Suzanne Lesage
Bioremediation for Hazardous Waste Management: The Indian Scenario
Rishi Shankar, Hemant Purohit, and P. K. Khanna
Bioremediation Research and Development in Israel
Shevah M. Waldman and A. Adin
Current Status of Soil Pollution and Bioremediation in Japan
Yasuhiro Okubo and Osami Yagi
Status and Scope of Bioremediation
Karen Pearce and Rolf A. Oellermann
Bioremediation R&D Planning in the U. K.
Philip Caunt and Michael Holroyd
II. Pilot, Full-Scale and Commercial Demonstration
Regulatory Issues Applying to Bioremediation as a Risk Reduction Technology
Kate Devine and Peter LaGoy
Landfarming: A Practical Guide
Robert L. Kelley, Bill Y. Liu, and Vipul Srivastava
Field-Scale Use of White Rot Fungi for Soil Remediation in Finland
Michael Holroyd and P. Caunt
Oil Spill Remediation on Coastal Shorelines: A Critique
Albert D. Venosa
Experience with In-situ Microbial Anaerobic Reductive Dechlorination
Ralph E. Beeman, Ronald J. Buchanan, Jr., Alfred A. Biehl, Michael D. Lee, and John T. Leetham
Acceleration of PCB Biodegradation In Situ: A Field Study in the Hudson River
Frank J. Mondello, M. R. Harkness, J. B. McDermott, D. A. Abramowicz, J. J. Salvo, W. P. Flanagan, M. L. Stephens, R. J. May, J. H. Lobos, M. K. M. Carroll, M. J. Brennan, A. A. Bracco, K. M. Fish, G. L. Warner, P. R. Wilson, D. K. Dietrich, D. T. Lin, C. B. Morgan, and W. L. Gately
The Lasagna Process for In-situ Bioremediation of Low-Permeability Soils
S. V. Ho, C. J. Athmer, J. M. Brackin, P. H. Brodsky, M. A. Heitkamp, P. H. Sheridan, and D. Weber
Vertical Circulation Flows for In-situ Bioremediation in Aquifers
J. Stamm
Slurry-Phase Bioremediation of Hazardous Materials: Bio-Slurry Reactor Application
Bill Y. Liu, Salil Pradhan, and Vipul Srivastava
Full-Scale Slurry-Phase Biological Treatment of Wood-Preserving Wastes at a Superfund Site
Douglas E. Jerger
Biofilters in Practice
Gero Leson
Metal Biosorbents from Waste Fungal Biomass: A New Bio-Remedial Material for Control of Heavy Metal Pollution
K. M. Paknikar, P. R. Puranik, A. D. Agate, and S. R. Naik
Removal of Heavy Metals and Sulfate From Contaminated Groundwater Using Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria: Development of a Commercial Process
L. J. Barnes
Biotreatment of Aqueous Wastes from Pesticide Manufacture Using Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR) with PAC
Arthur Binder, Lloyd C. Edmonds, Donald R. Wilcox, and Karl A. Wilks

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