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Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and Energy
Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and Energy (ICBAEE 2014), May 22-23, 2014, Beijing, China.

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Fangli Zheng

ISBN 9781138026544
Published November 18, 2014 by CRC Press
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Book Description

The 2014 International Conference on Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and Energy (ICBAEE 2014) was held May 22-23, 2014 in Beijing, China. The objective of ICBAEE 2014 was to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and Energy. This conference provided opportunities for the delegates to exchange new ideas and application experiences face to face, to establish business or research relations and to find global partners for future collaboration. The program consisted of invited sessions and technical workshops and discussions with eminent speakers, and contributions to this proceedings volume cover a wide range of topics in Biotechnology, Agriculture, Environment and Energy.

Table of Contents

Organizing committees

Analysis of the influences of heading machine on gas distribution in excavation roadway
J. Gao & Y. Zhang
Study on radar oil spill detection and automatic reports generation system of marine oil platform
D. Jiang, L. Qu, Q. Wang, T. Zhang & D. Kong
New changes and influences of international Photovoltaic market and coping strategies of Chinese Photovoltaic industry
Z.D. Pan, Q.S. Wei & J.C. Liu
The main research streams of PES: How to find and what are they?
C.L. Liu & W.D. Liu
Mechanism of intensifying gas desorption and percolation with controllable ultrasonic wave to reduce coal mine gas accidents
Y. Jiang, Y. Cui, X. Yang, H. Liu, C. Qin & Y. Luo
TDAG8-mediated intracellular signaling pathways and its function on tumor
Q. Xi, D. Yang, L. Bao, Narengerile & A. Damirin
Hebei Hengshui engineering rubber status and development of enterprise culture construction
Y. Fu, C. Yu & X. Wang
Analysis of influencing factors of nuclear power investment cost
B.Y. Liu, D.X. Niu, Y.L. Xu, J.P. Liu, L.Y. Sun & L. Wang
The developing mode of schrebergarten in China—based on the evolution of Japanese schrebergarten and enlightenment
J. Hua, H. Chen & Y. Wang
Study on market mode and pricing model of green grid electricity market in China
Y. Hong, W. Wang, D.X. Niu, B.Y. Liu, L.L. Jiang, L.N. Wu & J.P. Liu
Studies on the subjects of the rural environmental supervision in China
W. Shijin & L. Danhua
Identification of miRNA-1 as a novel regulator of insulin-like growth factor-1 in deer antler proliferation and regeneration
W. Hu, X.Y. Meng, T. Li, M. Li, Y.H. Tian & R. Hu
The legal protection of wetland
C. Yu, X. Wang & Y. Fu
Phylogenetic analysis of Quercus phillyraeoides in Japan revealed by SSR
H. Liu
Analysis on current situation and developing strategy of renewable energy resources industry in Beijing
X.H. Zhang, W.P. Chen, Y.F. Tian, M. Zhang, J.X. Sun & S.P. Liu
The effect of cultivation material C/N ratio on the growth and biological conversion rate of Pleurotus eryngii mycelium
Y.J. Dai, L.M. Wang, Z.F. Jiang, W.Z. Liu, C. Cheng, X.H. Nan & X.P. Liu
The economic impact analysis of the high-speeds railway on urban-rural inequality
Y. Zhao, X. Li & X. Li
Effect of sludge compost on soil N mineralization and microbial community of tree peony
X.D. Huang, D. Xue & L. Xue
Study on the conditions of national green equity trading center construction in Hubei Province
L. Yunhua & X. Huan
Study on the approaches and policy recommendations of low-carbon economy development in Hubei Province
L. Yunhua & W. Boqian
Research on the green logistics evaluation of Chang-zhu-tan urban agglomeration in the view of low carbon economy
Z. An-Quan, X. Yang-Kun & P. Yan
Database system development process basing on dual persistence layer
Y. Wang
The research on the sedative and analgesic effects of Yuntongding capsule
M. Miao, K. Xiao & Y. Miao
Empirical analysis on price discovery function about wheat and early rice futures market
Y. Yao & L. Ma
Mitigation policy instruments for climate change in China’s electric generation sector
Y.M. Li
Approach for stock investment decisions based on rough set theory
H.Z. Dai, C. Liu & X.Z. Bao
Research and practice of modern apprenticeship under school-enterprise cooperation community of vocational education group
X.J. Zhu
Growth inhibition of Euphorbia extract on breast cancer cell line MCF-7
Q. Wang, G. Yang, W. Zhang, L. Wan, S. Lin & Y. Wang
Smart shelf management system under Internet of Things
S. Wang, J. Gao, H. Lu & Z. Dai
Risk management of securities investment decisions
J. Li & K. Guo
Effects of Ficus carica polysaccharide on the aging model mice
M. Miao, L. Guo, X.Y. Fang & L.N. Wang
Hypothetical analysis of employees’ work performance based on HPHRP
L. Zhang
An application research of virtual meter on gear fault detection
G. Nie
Study on dynamic grading of emergency material demands based on matter-element model
Y.S. Wang, C.J. Zhao & Y.H. Zhang
Dose the effective labor income tax rate impact on the supply of human capital in China?—Based on the empirical evidence of provincial panel data
Y. Jiang
The characteristic-decomposition method in traffic management
K. Guo, R. Li & J. Li
Effects of charge on the magnetism of 13-atom metal clusters
F. Cui-Ju, X. Zun & Y. Xing
Industrial design professional innovation talents training mode of agricultural sciences college
J. Zhang, L. Li, J. Li & C. Wang
Actuarial pricing model of double-lives of reverse mortgage with the stochastic interest rate
N.N. Jia, W.J. Chu & Y. Li
The first language and second language in classroom teaching
D. Zhenfa
Gray prediction and analysis of energy consumption in China
H. Li & H. Zhao
The application of system engineering theory in road traffic management
X. Du & X. Yang
Cultural comparisons of English and Chinese idioms
X. Yang
Research L2TPv3 protocol conformance testing base on CPN model and XML
Z. Yu-Lan, J. Chao, L. Jian-Long & Z. Kai-Jian
Bridge maintenance funding optimizing using simulated annealing algorithm
Y.F. Zhong, X.G. Yang & Q.W. Li
Evaluation on cycling economy of famous tourism towns in Heilongjiang province case study on Jingbo Town of Mudanjiang
S. Jing & M. Chao
A comparison between classroom and casual interaction
Y. Zeng & Y.J. Zeng
Two kinds of Polygala decoction comparative study of topical anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects
M. Miao, B. Cheng & W. Wu
Research on online asynchronous interaction level in modern distance education for the party members and cadres—a case study of modern distance education platform for the party members and cadres in Beijing
M. Wang & J.X. Guo
The research of purchase factors on children painting wood market based on factor analysis
W. Li & X.T. Guo
Research on teaching material construction of “Electrical Engineering and Electronics” based on outstanding engineers plan
X. Xu
Study on tourism vocational college students’ language anxiety and its implication for construction of tourism teaching and training base
L. Li
Services FDI, services trade and the links to manufacturing: Evidence from China
Y. Feng, Y. Han & H. Xia
The performance of refusal by an EFL teacher
Y. Zeng & H.H. Tan
Off-premise ATM location assessment study based on extension analytic hierarchy process
B. Lv & J. Shi
Study on management standardization of teaching and research section based on ISO9000 quality standard
H. Zhong
Study on virtualization technologies in enterprise office desktop management
X. Huang, X. Chen, N. Jiang & Y. He
The enlightenment and reference of industrial tourism development in Germany — a case study of Heilongjiang Province
Z. Yang
A multi-objective model for supplier selection with consumer satisfaction
X.L. Chen, Z.P. Wang & H.D. Chen
The countermeasure of development of Heilongjiang agriculture science and technology tourist park
X. Wang & C. Ma
Quantitative analysis on optimal capital structure of listed electric power enterprises based on utility model
C. Ding & Y.-L. Zhang
Analysis of brand expansion strategies of international hotel groups in China
Z. Zhu
Studies on enterprise financial efficiency based on factor analysis method
X. Liu & H. Lei
Children’s wear brand product design analysis
Q. Nan, S. Wei & S. Yuan
Television and E-commerce
Z. Xia, L. Tianhua & C. Binyue
Three dimensional numerical investigation of unsteady flow parameters in partial admission turbine
Z. Ding, K. Gao & K. Yang
A study on the development of Korea type low energy standard house
K.-J. Ahn & S.-H. Park
A comparison of thermal behaviors of co-firing of Thai lignite and wood under Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) for effective energy utilization
W. Pruksakit & S. Patumsawad
Full-field 3D displacements and surfaces strains of a small-scale wind turbine blade during static testing
H.F. Zhou, L.Z. Qin, C.Y. Lu & Z.L. Xie
Fine tuning of submicron size precursor MnCO3 in precipitation as a template for LiMn2O4
K.L. Leung, J. Zhang, C.W. Cao, M. Wang, C.Y. Chung & L.J. Xi
Printability and electrical conductivity of MWCNT-acrylate photo-sensitive nano-composite
A. Ortega, N.S. Kim & B.W. Park
A study on the energy performance of building façades integrated with Korean traditional window grids
S. Kim, M. Lee & S.-H. Han
A study on the energy sustainability of the kinetic building envelopes
T.-R. Kim, O.-K. Im & S.-H. Han
Implementation of a real time Microgrid Management System for Photovoltaic based Distributed Generation systems G. Bayrak, M.T. Gencoglu & M. Cebeci
Parameter study of Fused Deposition Modeling process on thermo-mechanical properties of the final 3D structures made by metal/polymer composite filaments
S. Hwang, E.I. Reyes, N.S. Kim, K.S. Moon & R.C. Rumpf
The characterization of micro-structure of cobalt on ?-Al2O3 for FTS
J.S. Jung, J.S. Lee, G. Choi, S.Y. Lee & D.J. Moon
The change of cobalt species on ?-Al2O3 by diverse reduction conditions
G. Choi, J.S. Jung, J.S. Lee, G.H. Hong, I. Moon & D.J. Moon
Physicochemical modeling of hypergene processes proceeding in tailing dumps of Krasnorechenskaya concentrating mill using renovated base of thermodynamic data (Dal’negorsk District)
V.P. Zvereva, A.M. Kostina & A.I. Lysenko
Bioindication assessment of technogenic pollution of living soil cover in tin-gold mining area of the Far Eastern Federal District
L.T. Krupskaya, O.O. Panfilov, V.P. Zvereva & E.A. Chumachenko
The optimization ratio study of steady state heat transfer and dynamic heat transfer in hot-humid and cold-humid area S. Liang, K. Huang & S.J. Wang
Climate changes in the South of the Far East in the Late Pleistocene and Holocene (according to diatom analysis)
E.A. Elbakidze
Performance analysis of a solar hybrid desiccant cooling system with heat pipe heat exchanger in hot and humid weather of Malaysia
Z.Md. Enggsa, A. Rachman, S. Mat & K. Sopian
Foamed slag glass—unique insulating material
E.A. Yatsenko, V.A. Smolii, B.M. Goltsman & A.S. Kosarev
Bismuth-doped Li-rich metal oxides as cathode materials for Li-ion batteries
C.W. Cao, K.L. Leung, C.Y. Chung & L.J. Xi
Development of bacterial consortia and biodegradation ability under different PAH stresses
J. Ma, J.F. Qu, A.H. Yan, S.L. Zhang & F. Chen
Research on stoichiometric characteristics of artificial plants in the hinterland of Taklimakan Desert
C.J. Li, X.W. Xu, J.Q. Lei, P. Gao, Y.Z. Qiu, G.F. Wang, X.B. Zhong, B. Xu & J. Yan
An on-line model for CO2 separating from Natural Gas Membrane Separation Process based on LSSVM
G.X. Li, L. Wang, Y.Q. Wang & J.D. Li
Effects of dissimilar rootstocks on major nutrients translocation of bleeding sap in muskmelon
Y.F. Liu, Q.B. Song, H.J. Liu, H.Y. Qi, X.R. Han, T.L. Li, C.M. Bai, Y. Li & Z.X. Cen
Antioxidant evaluation of bee pollen extracts of twelve common species from China
K. Yang, C. Xing & P.L. Sun
Two-phase anaerobic digestion of oil-refinery wastewater sludge
H. Cao, Q. Wang, G. Yan, Y. Zhan & S. Guo
The period of new democracy revolution music function of ideological and political education research
C. Dan
The new democratic revolution in music during the play experience of ideological and political education function
C. Dan
Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline based magnetically separable nanomaterials for catalase immobilization
L.H. Jin, Y. Li & J.H. Lee

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