Biotechnology And Safety Assessment  book cover
1st Edition

Biotechnology And Safety Assessment

Edited By

J A Thomas

ISBN 9780367811662
Published August 16, 2019 by CRC Press
637 Pages

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Book Description

This updated text explains how advances in mammalian and plant genetics contribute to better therapeutics agents and more wholesome foods. It addresses such topics as new pharmaceutical agents, agribiotechnology, safety evaluation of biotechnology-derived drugs, food safety, nutritional science, and regulatory and environmental aspects of genetically-modified organisms. New to this edition are chapters on biotherapeutics and herbicide-resistant crops. It should be of interest to biotechnology, toxicologists, pharmaceutical scientists, environmental scientists and agriculturists.

Table of Contents

1. Genomic Information - Frontiers of Toxicology J. Beall and M. Stodolsky 2. Antisense Therapeutics S. Crooke 3. Safety Evaluation of Food Crops Developed Through Biotechnology B. Hammond and R. Fuchs 4. Therapeutic Manipulation of Cytokines R. House 5. Triplex and Ribozyme Technology in Gene Repression Y. Lavrovsky, S. Chen and A. Roy 6. Food Allergens - Implications for Biotechnology S. Lehrer and G. Reese 7. The Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity of Phosphorothioate Oligonucleotides A. Levin, R. Geary, J. Leeds, D. Monteith, R. Yu, M. Templin, S. Henry 8. Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Environment - Benefits and Risks C. McCullum, D. Pimentel, M. Paoletti 9. Biotechnology and Risk H. Miller 10. Safety Assessment of Insect-Protected Corn P. Sanders, T. Lee, M. Groth, J. Astwood, R. Fuchs 11. Pharmacology of Recombinant Proteins J. Talmadge 12. Biotechnology - Therapeutic and Nutritional Products J. Thomas 13. Clinical Toxicity of Interferons T. Vial and J. Descotes. of Energy, S. Chen, University of Texas Health Science Centre, USA, S. Crooke, Isis Pharmaceuticals, USA, J. Descotes, Claude Bernard University, France, R. Fuchs, Monsanto, USA, R. Geary, Isis Pharmaceuticals, USA, M. Groth, Monsanto, USA, B. Hammond, Monsanto, USA, S. Henry, Isis Pharmaceuticals, USA, R. House, IIt Research, USA, Y. Lavrovsky, University of Texas Health Science Centre, USA, T. Lee, Monsanto, USA, J. Leeds, Isis Pharmaceuticals, USA, S. Lehrer, Tulane University Medical Centre, USA, A. Levin, Isis Pharmaceuticals, USA, C. McCullum, Cornell University, USA, H. Miller, Stanford University, USA, D. Monteith, Isis Pharmaceuticals, USA, M. Paoletti, Padova University, Italy, D. Pimentel, Cornell University, USA, G. Reese, Tulane University Medical Centre, USA, A. Roy, University of Texas Health Science Centre, USA, P. Sanders, Monsanto, USA, M. Stodolsky, US Department of Energy, J. Talmadge, University of Nebraska Medical Centre, USA, M. Templin, Isis Pharmaceuticals, USA, J. Thomas, Un

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John A. Thomas, Ph.D., is Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. He is the author of over a dozen textbooks and research monographs, including Endocrine Toxicology, Second Edition (Taylor and Francis, 1996). The author of nearly 400 scientific articles in the area of endocrine pharmacology, reproductive toxicology, and drug interactions, Professor Thomas is a well-recognized authority on how drugs and chemicals perturb the endocrine system. He serves on several editorial boards of biomedical journals and is very active among many national and international scientific societies.