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Biotechnology in Textile Processing

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ISBN 9781560221432
Published October 26, 2006 by CRC Press
254 Pages

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Book Description

Find out how enzymes can be the answer to your concerns about textile processing safety

Biotechnology in Textile Processing examines recent trends, techniques, and developments in the finishing and processing of natural fibers. The industry’s foremost experts present current research findings on textile biotechnology, bio-treatment, and waste water management, with an emphasis on developing environmentally friendly production technologies that use enzymatic processes. This vital book examines bio-technical methods that save chemicals, energy, and improve the quality of the final product, using enzyme applications that act on both cellulose- and protein-based textiles.

Biotechnology in Textile Processing is a comprehensive guide to basic and applied research for scientists, researchers, consultants, and academics working with research and development institutes, and agriculture and textile universities. The book explores methods of developing quality standards for assessing flax fiber through the use of physical, chemical, and instrumental techniques, evaluates the potential of enzyme activities on the properties of textile fibers, and provides an in-depth understanding of the structure-function relationships of textile fibers.

Biotechnology in Textile Processing examines:

  • enzyme-retted flax
  • enzymatic scouring for better textile properties of knitted fabrics
  • combined bioscouring and bleaching of cotton fibers
  • important factors for successful enzymatic scouring
  • designing wood fiber morphology and mechanical properties of fiberboards
  • laccase catalyzed indigo carmine transformation
  • integrated enzymatic pre-treatment of cotton fabrics
  • production of cellulase free pectinases for bioscouring
  • enzymatic finishes of wool fabrics
  • analytical methods for chitosan
  • the influence of enzymatic pre-treatment on color of bleached and dyed flax fibers
  • the effects of ultrasound on the performance of industrial enzymes used in cotton bio-preparation and bio-finishing applications
Biotechnology in Textile Processing is an essential resource for scientists and consultants working at R&D institutes and universities, practitioners working in textile engineering, enzymology, biotechnology, and environmental protection, producers and processors of textiles, and for students.

Table of Contents

  • Antagonism of Trichoderma or Gliocladium Species on Two Phytopathogenic Species of Fusarium (Mahmoud A. Shoulkamy, Georg Guebitz, Momein H. A. El-Katatny, Gehan M. Shaban, and Hani M. A. AbdelZaher)
  • Production of Cellulase-Free Polygalacturonase Preparation by Sclerotium rolfsii for Bioscouring of Cotton (W. Schnitzhofer, A. Kandelbauer, B. Klug-Santner, M. Onos, M. Calafell, and G. M. Guebitz)
  • Enzymatic Modification of Hemp Fibres for Sustainable Production of High Quality Materials: Influence of Processing Parameters (Holger Fischer, Jörg Müssig, and Cornelia Bluhm)
  • Enzyme-Retted Flax Using Different Formulations and Processed Through the USDA Flax Fiber Pilot Plant (Danny E. Akin, Jonn A. Foulk, Roy B. Dodd, and Helen H. Epps)
  • Influence of Enzymatic Pretreatment on the Colours of Bleached and Dyed Flax Fibres (Darinka Fakin, Vera Golob, and Karen Stana-Kleinschek)
  • Combined Bioscouring and Bleaching of Cotton Fibres (Petra Forte Tavcer, Pavla Krizman, and Polonca Preša)
  • The Effects of Ultrasound on the Performance of Industrial Enzymes Used in Cotton Bio-Preparation/Bio-Finishing Applications (Val G. Yachmenev, Timothy Calamari, Jr., and Allan H. Lambert)
  • Survey and Recent Report on Enzymatic Processing of Bast Fibers (J. Batog, W. Konczewicz, R. Kozlowski, M. Muzyczek, N. Sedelnik, and B. Tanska)
  • Laccase Catalyzed Indigo Carmine Transformation (Andreas Kandelbauer, Oliver Maute, Matthias Kimmig, Rudolf W. Kessler, and Georg M. Guebitz)
  • Optimization of the Enzymatic Scouring (Juhea Kim, Eun Kyung Choe, Su Yeon Kim, and Sung Woo Nam)
  • Designing Wood Fibre Morphology and Mechanical Properties of Fibreboards (Andrea Ganz, Andreas Kandelbauer, Waltraud Kessler, Rudolf W. Kessler, and Rupert Wimmer)
  • Enzymatic Scouring for Better Textile Properties of Knitted Cotton Fabrics (Ana Marija Grancaric, Tanja Pušic, and Anita Tarbuk)
  • Integrated Enzymatic Pre-Treatment of Cotton Fabrics (Jadwiga Sójka-Ledakowicz, Joanna Lichawska, and Rita Pyc)
  • Enzymatic Finishing of Wool Fabrics: Effects of Different Treatments with a Protease on Physical and Chemical Parameters of the Fabric (Ascensión Riva, Inés Algaba, and Remedios Prieto)
  • Analytical Methods for Chitosan (Jakub Wiener, Dagmar Machnová, Jana Müllerová, and Oldrich Krátky)
  • Index
  • Reference Notes Included

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