1st Edition

Bioterrorism and Food Safety

By Barbara A. Rasco, Gleyn E. Bledsoe Copyright 2004
    432 Pages
    by CRC Press

    432 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Written by specialists in the fields of food bioterrorism and industry preparedness, Bioterrorism and Food Safety focuses on developing rational and implementable food security strategies and plans. It integrates food safety issues, technological developments in traceability, and legal analysis of current and pending regulations with good business practices, and then relates these elements to the development of effective and workable food security programs for food businesses.

    The text covers the biological and chemical risks associated with the intentional contamination of food and discusses underlying legal issues, regulatory compliance, and cost/benefit analysis. It also provides implementation strategies to reduce food security risks, discusses advances in traceability, and suggests ways to reduce the risk of intentional contamination and improve consumer confidence in the safety of the food supply.

    With its clear presentation of current hazards, safety guidelines, and security measures, this comprehensive work introduces practicing professionals throughout the food industry and those charged with the responsibility of terrorism prevention to workable strategies that address address safety risks associated with all facets of food production, storage, and delivery.

    Foods and the Bioterrorist Threat. Potential Biological and Toxic Chemical Agents. Bioterrorism Regulations and Their Impact on the Safety of the Food Supply and Trade. Effective Food Security Strategies and Plans for Production Agriculture and Food Processing. Security Improvements by Tracking Food. Appendix A: Food Safety and Security: Operational Risk Management Systems Approach. Appendix B: FSIS Safety and Security Guidelines for the Transportation and Distribution of Meat, Poultry, and Egg Products. Appendix C: FSIS Security Guidelines for Food Processors. Appendix D: Emergency Preparedness Competencies (Annotated). Appendix E: Terrorist Threats to Food — Guidelines for Establishing and Strengthening Prevention and Response Systems. Appendix F: The Public Health Response to Biological and Chemical Terrorism. Appendix G: Retail Food Stores and Food Service Establishments: Food Security Preventive Measures Guidance. Appendix H: Food Producers, Processors, and Transporters: Food Security Preventive Measures Guidance. Appendix I: Importers and Filers: Food Security Preventive Measures Guidance. Appendix J: Cosmetics Processors and Transporters: Cosmetics Security Preventive Measures Guidance. Appendix K: Traceability in the U.S. Food Supply: Economic Theory and Industry Studies. Index.


    Rasco, Barbara A.; Bledsoe, Gleyn E.