1st Edition

Biothiols in Health and Disease

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ISBN 9780824796549
Published August 18, 1995 by CRC Press
552 Pages

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Book Description

This unique, state-of-the-art reference presents a detailed account of the molecular mechanisms underlying the multiple functions of biothiols-emphasizing the biological and clinical implications of interactions between oxidants and biothiols.

Table of Contents

Thiols and Thiyl Radicals: Chemical and Biochemical Aspects

Reactions of Thiyl Radicals, Peter Wardman
Thiyl Radicals, Perthiyl Radicals, and Oxidative Reactions, Christian Schöneich
Antioxidant Drug Design: A Comparison of Thiol and Perthiol Anti-Radical and Proxidant Mechanisms, Steven A. Everett
Biothiyls: Their Free Radical Chemistry and Biological Significance, Janice A. DeGray and Ronald P. Mason
Peroxynitrite Reactivity: Free Radical Generation, Thiol Oxidation and Biological Significance, Ohara Augusto and Rafael Radi
Concerted Antioxidant Activity of Glutathione and Superoxide Dismutase, Christine C. Winterbourn
Glutathione-Dependent Activation of Xenobiotics, M. W. Anders, Wolfang Dekant, and Spyridon Varnvakas

Thiols and Oxidative Stress

Strategies for Increasing Cellular Glutathione, Alton Meister
Glutathione Synthesis in Oxidative Stress, Henry Jay Forman, Ruiming Liu, and Michael Ming Shi
Sinusoidal Efflux of Hepatic GSH: Significance, Physiology, and Regulation, Neil Kaplowtiz, Murad Oookhtens, and Shelly Lu
Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Permeability Transition, Donald J. Reed
Phospholipid Hydroperoxide Glutathione Peroxidase: More than an Antioxidant Enzyme?, Matilde Maiorino, Antonella Roveri, Carlo Gregolin, and Fulvio Ursini
Biochemical and Clinical Aspects of Extracellular Glutathione and Related Thiols, Masayasou Inoue, Yukiko Minamiyama, Hidenori Yu, Seiichi Yamamasu, Keiko Inoue, and Eisuke Sato
Glutathionyl Specificity of Thioltransferases: Mechanistic and Physiological Implications, John J. Mieyal, Stephen A. Gravina, Paul A. Mieyal, Usha Srinivasan, and David W. Starke

-Lipoic Acid: Enzymology and Antioxidant Properties
Lipoic Acid-Requiring Proteins: Recent Advances, Mulchand S. Patel and Nataraj N. Vettakkorumakankav
Role of Lipoic Acid in the Glycine Cleavage System and Lipolyation of H-Protein, Yutaro Motokawa, Kazuko Fujiwara, and Kazukko Okamura-Ikeda
-Lipoic Acid and N-Acetylcysteine: New Concepts for Old Drugs, Aalt Bast and Guido R.M.M. Haenen
Inhibition of Xanthine Oxidase by Lipoic Acid, Silvia Alvarez and Alberto Boveris
Effects of Thiols on Cigarette Smoke-Induced Biomolecular Damage, Jason P. Eiserich, Charles A. O'Neill, Carroll E. Cross, Barry Halliwell, Abraham Z. Reznick, and Albert van der Vliet
Regulation of Gene Expression by Lipoic Acid, Yuichiro Suzuki, Masashi Mizuno, Heinz Ulrich, and Lester Packer
Therapeutic Effects of -Lipoic Acid on Diabetic Neuropathy, Dan Ziegler and F. A. Gries
Antioxidant Properties and Clinical Implications of -Lipoic Acid, Lester Packer, Eric H. Witt, Hans Jürgen Tritschler, Klaus Wesse, and Heinz Ulrich

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Packer\, Lester


…provides in-depth information concerning the role of thiols in redox reactions as well as molecular mechanisms underlying the multiple functions of thiols in biological systems…
…should prove of value to all who work in the field of free radical research or are interested in the topics related to the role of free radicals in diseases associated with oxidative stress.
"-Free Radical Research