2nd Edition

Bitemark Evidence A Color Atlas and Text, 2nd Edition

Edited By Robert B.J. Dorion Copyright 2011

    Experts in the field of bitemark evidence confront complexities ranging from the identification and collection of evidence, to microscopic analysis, to legal implications and courtroom admissibility. Now in its second edition, Bitemark Evidence reflects the knowledge, training, experience, opinions, and research of 27 authors from around the world

    A Historical Perspective. Bitemark Recognition. Description of the Bitemark. Collection of Bitemark Evidence, A: Noninvasive Analyses. Collection of Bitemark Evidence, B: Invasive Analyses. Bitemark Variables and Cases. Research. Collection of Evidence from the Suspect. Methods of Comparison. The Reports. Prevention and Contamination. Legal Considerations and the Courtroom. Contentious Issues. Appendices. Index.


    Dorion, Robert B.J.