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Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements VII
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference 'Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements' (7ICONFBMP), June 12-14, 2019, Thessaloniki, Greece

ISBN 9781138480285
Published June 17, 2019 by CRC Press
734 Pages

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Book Description

Highway engineers are facing the challenge not only to design and construct sustainable and safe pavements properly and economically. This implies a thorough understanding of materials behaviour, their appropriate use in the continuously changing environment, and implementation of constantly improved technologies and methodologies. Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements VII contains more than 100 contributions that were presented at the 7th International Conference ‘Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements’ (7ICONFBMP, Thessaloniki, Greece 12-14 June 2019). The papers cover a wide range of topics:

- Bituminous binders
- Aggregates, unbound layers and subgrade
- Bituminous mixtures (Hot, Warm and Cold)
- Pavements (Design, Construction, Maintenance, Sustainability, Energy and environment consideration)
- Pavement management
- Pavement recycling
- Geosynthetics
- Pavement assessment, surface characteristics and safety
- Posters

Bituminous Mixtures and Pavements VII reflects recent advances in highway materials technology and pavement engineering, and will be of interest to academics and professionals interested or involved in these areas.

Table of Contents

Session I: Bituminous binders

Recycled waste plastic modification of bituminous binder
Greg White & Gordon Reid

Rheological properties of fresh and RAP bitumen blends with or without regenerating agent
A. Forton, H. Di Benedetto, S. Mangiafico, C. Sauzéat & P. Marc

Calorimetry of Cement Modified Emulsified Asphalt incorporated with Rice Husk Ash
Zhuangzhuang Liu, Zhenqiang Han & Aimin Sha

Fatigue resistance of asphalt mastic by Dynamic Shear Rheometer testing
M. Hospodka & B. Hofko

Evaluation of fatigue parameters on polymer modified waxy bitumens
J. Oner & B. Sengoz

Investigation of the ship-generated waste as binder modifier
H.I. Ozturk, F. Kamran & M. Guler

Experimental study of bituminous binders’ viscosity and structure
E. Remisova, M. Holy & V. Zatkalikova

Aging behavior of bitumen and elastomer modified bitumen
J. Zicans, T. Ivanova, R. Merijs-Meri, R. Berzina & V. Haritonovs

Development of polyolefine elastomer modified bitumen and characterization of its rheological and structural properties
R. Merijs-Meri, A. Abele, J. Zicans & V. Haritonovs

Bond strength recovery of tack coat in RCC-base composite pavements
Young Kyu Kim, Seung Woo Lee, Kyong Ku Yun, In Tae Kim & Cheol Woo Park

Impact of aging on Gilsonite and Trinidad Epuré modified binders resistance to cracking
M. Bilski & M. Słowik

Effects of a surfactant-wax additive based on the activation energy and aging index of asphalt binders
B. Golchin, M.O. Hamzah & C. Raab

Modeling of creep and recovery of Gilsonite and Trinidad Epuré modified asphalt binders
M. Słowik & M. Bilski

Rheo-mechanical analysis of bitumens produced with green binder extenders
G. Tarsi, F. Mazzotta & C. Sangiorgi

Impact of seasonal fluctuations and provenience of bitumen on lifetime of asphalt pavement
P. Sivapatham & N. Simmleit

Session II: Aggregates, unbound layers and subgrade

Re-evaluation of Polished Stone Value and British Pendulum Tester data to better understand aggregate polishing
M. Mac Nicholas & D. Woodward

Gene expression programming based prediction of Uncompacted Void Content of aggregate
Abhary Eleyedath, Aravind Krishna Swamy & G. V. Ramana

Shear strength behavior of stabilized unsaturated expansive subgrade soils for highway backfill
I. Frank Aneke, M. Mostafa Hassan & A. Moubarak

Prediction model for subgrade soil resilient dynamic modules utilizing basic soil characteristics for the state of louisiana
Mayzan Isied & Mena Souliman

Session III: Bituminous mixtures (Hot, Warm and Cold)

Graphite modification of an AC to mitigate UHI effects
A.T. Papagiannakis & R. Kaphleb

Effect of moisture on the adhesion of aggregate–binder systems
P.D.C. Nageswaran, A. Varveri, A. Scarpas & S. Mohan

Development of a Ravelling test for asphalt
J.C. Nicholls, M.M.J. Jacobs, E. Schoen, D. van Vliet, S. Mookhoek, N. Meinen, J. De Visscher, A. Vanelstraete, G.G. van Bochove, F. Hammoum, T. Blumenfeld, S. Bohm & C. Schulze

Impact of laboratory compaction-based HMA stiffness on flexible pavement analysis
P. Georgiou, A. Loizos, A. Leventis & K. Gkyrtis

VAPro – long-term ageing of HMA based on highly oxidant gases
D. Maschauer, D. Steiner & B. Hofko

Comparison of shear strength parameters obtained from different protocols for wearing course mixtures
N.T. Tran & O. Takahashi

Determination of bitumen stone coverage by digital image processing
J. Blom, B. De Boeck & H. Soenen

Developing the next generation of asphalt surfacings, from conception to road trials
C. Ojum, I. Widyatmoko, R. Hudson-Griffiths, A. Khojinian, D. Giles, M. Lancaster, G. Schofield, C. Southwell, D. Markham, M. Simms & T. Smith

Effects of reclaimed asphalt and warm mix asphalt on the availability of the road network
J.C. Nicholls, M. Wayman, A. Varveri, S. King & S. Cassidy, K. Mollenhauer, C. McNally & A. Tabakovic

Physical and mechanical properties of warm mix asphalt composed of recycled concrete aggregates
J. Neves, J. Lameirão & A.C. Freire

Accelerated durability testing of preserved asphalt mixtures using the Immersion Ageing test
C. Ojum, I. Widyatmoko, A. Khojinian & N. Thompson

Cyclic interlayer testing in bituminous pavements
D. Ragni, A. Graziani & F. Canestrari

Effect of curing on the indirect tensile failure energy of cement-bitumen treated materials
C. Mignini, F. Cardone, A. Graziani, A. Morbi & L. Setti

Improving the quality of emulsion-mineral mixtures
B.G. Pecheny, A. Nikolov & S. Nikolova

Use of stabilized blast furnace slag in asphalt mixtures
Pavla Vacková & Jan Valentin

Long term performance of HMAs having up to 100% of municipal incinerator sands
E. Toraldo, E. Mariani, D. Topini & M. Crispino

Whitish and rusty stains on bituminous wearing course: Possible causes
N. Ciont, M. Iliescu, G. Hoda & N. Har

The SCB configuration for the determination of the dynamic modulus of asphalt mixtures
S.M. Angelone, M. Cauhape Casaux & F.O. Martinez

Asphalt concrete mechanical behavior prediction by Artificial Neural Networks
M. Pasetto, N. Balbo & E. Manthos

A method for determining the appropriate frequency for testing asphalt mixtures in the laboratory
Saman Barzegari & M. Solaimanian

Synthesis and characterization of encapsulated healing agents for asphalt
R. Casado Barrasa, C. Martin-Portugués Montoliu, L. Miranda Pérez & F.J. Lucas Ochoa

Comparison of uniaxial tension-compression fatigue test results with SCB test performance indicators developed for performance-based mix design procedure
A. Seitllari, M. Lanotte & M.E. Kutay

Characterization of hot mix asphalt patching materials produced with medium-scale field mixing equipment
Ben C. Cox & John B. Sprouse

Experimental investigation on performance of asphalt mixture with aggregate of acid migmatite – a case study
Erhu Yan, Zhenyu Zhou, Yongchun Qin, Jie Wang, Songchang Huang, Yan Gong & Xuewen Huang

A study on the field application of ultra-thin hot mix asphalt with CSM modifier for sustainable road in Korea
Y.I. Kim & N. Moustapha

The effect of oxidative aging to characteristic properties of semi-open AC with blast furnaced slag and to penetration and softening point of recovered bitumen
E. Manthos & A. Nikolaides

Development of probabilistic S-N curve using small sample data
Himanshu Sharma & Aravind Krishna Swamy

Session IV: Pavements (Design, Construction, Maintenance, Sustainability, Energy and environment consideration)

Determination of asphalt layer thickness above which load-induced strains initiate top-down cracking and the effect of asphalt stiffness variation between wearing course and rest of asphalt layers
A. Nikolaides & E. Manthos

Improving pavement’s properties using the AMIR II compactor
Christiane Raab, Abd El Halim Omar Abd El Halim & Anandkumar Rajendran Chelliah

A methodology to design the asphalt field compaction process in the laboratory to provide clear guidelines for roller operators
F.R. Bijleveld, A.H. de Bondt & R.N. Khedoe

The use of thermal infrared line scanner as a qualitative tool for asphalt paving process – a case study
G. Jacobs, W. Van den bergh, J. Blom & L. Lauriks

Sensitivity analysis of mechanistic-empirical pavement structural design methods considering climate impacts on layer modulus values
W. Uddin, Rulian Barros & Zul Fahmi M. Jaafar

The permissible temperature of newly laid asphalt at opening to airfield traffic
T. Rahman, A. Dawson & N. Thom

Comparing asphalt preservation products on a grooved runway
Greg White, Fraser McLachlan & Scott Wallace

Designing airfield pavements to prevent distresses and enhance aircraft safety
J.V. Merighi & W. Uddin

Experimental investigation of temperature distribution in non-heated and pre-heated hot mix asphalt patch repair
J. Byzyka, M. Rahman & D.A. Chamberlain

A methodology to quantify the impact of climate change on the state of good repair of pavements
C.M. Chang & O. Ortega

Field performance of hot applied modified binder chip seal in California
A. Rahim, S. Saadeh, O. Aljairi & D. Cheng

An eco-efficient induction healing approach for asphalt mixtures
M. Vila-Cortavitarte, D. Jato-Espino, D. Castro-Fresno & M.Á. Calzada-Pérez

The selection of pothole repair options
J.C. Nicholls, M. McHale & I. Carswell

Transportation infrastructure impact: Energy and environmental life cycle assessment
M. Giunta, M. Mistretta, F.G. Praticò & T.M. Gulotta

Solar pavement: A new source of energy
Fotini Kehagia, Stefania Mirabella & Constantinos S. Psomopoulos

Field evaluation of a sustainable road structure concept
R. Casado Barrasa, C. Martín-Portugués Montoliu, K.J. Kowalski & J.B. Król

Incorporation of reliability in the pavement design process: Concepts and issues
Abhishek Mittal & Aravind Krishna Swamy

Large-scale investigations of precast concrete slabs
J. Patzak & P. Bolz

Session V: Pavement management

NDT platform for structures management and decision support in emergency situations
F.G. Praticò, R. Fedele, M. Merenda, R. Carotenuto & F.G. Della Corte

Cost analysis of a flexible pavement with and without lime stabilization: A provincial road case in Turkey
M. Özgenel

Infrastructure resilience: From concept to performance to decisions
S. McNeil, Y. Liu & A.S. Ramirez-Villamizar

Economic optimisation of road network accessibility
M.R.F. Amrozi & H.T. Evdorides

Functional maintenance evaluation targets for flexible runway pavement
L.F. Merighi & C.Y. Suzuki

Evaluation of pavement maintenance and strengthening techniques
A. Mouratidis, C.G. Daniilidou & G.P. Papageorgiou

Session VI: Pavement recycling

Influence of mixing procedures on the performance of asphalt mixtures with high reclaimed asphalt content
A. Margaritis, G. Jacobs, N. Hasheminejad, J. Blom & W. Van den Bergh

Experimental investigation of the re-recycling of RAP in asphalt pavement
D. Wang, A. Cannone Falchetto, K.H. Moon, C. Riccardi & M.P. Wistuba

Incorporating RAP into airport asphalt resurfacing
Greg White

Cold recycling of reclaimed asphalt: Analysis of alternative procedures
M. Pasetto, A. Baliello, G. Giacomello & E. Pasquini

Quality-control procedure for dry-process rubberised asphalt mastics
A. Astolfi, A. Subhy, F.G. Praticò & D. Lo Presti

The performance of asphalt concrete with increased RA content – laboratory design vs. trial section
Pavla Vacková & Jan Valentin

Laboratory evaluation of Dense Bituminous Macadam prepared using Recycled Concrete Aggregate
K. Tanveeer Bhushan & S. Shankar

Effect of Cyclogen as rejuvenator in 100% recycled asphalt mixtures
Ali Moniri, Mahmood Khadem & Yasha Saghafi

Session VII: Geosynthetics 587

Fatigue resistance of a grid-reinforced asphalt concrete using four point bending beam test
M. Orešković, S. Trifunović, G. Mladenović & Š. Bohuš

Performance testing of a steel cord based crack-preventing interlayer
F. Vervaecke, H. Cornelus & P. Straubinger

Parameter to ensure a durable grid-reinforced asphalt pavement
Andreas Elsing & Fabiana Leite-Gembus

Session VIII: Pavement assessment, surface characteristics and safety

Performance assessment of non-conventional pavements using back-analysis techniques
V. Papavasiliou, A. Loizos, C. Plati & T. Stergiou

Comparing mother wavelet selection criteria for road pavements NDT monitoring
R. Fedele, F.G. Praticò, R. Carotenuto, and F.G. Della Corte

Surface properties of porous asphalt concretes: Time, position, and treatment impact
F.G. Praticò, G. Colicchio, R. Fedele & P.G. Briante

Measuring skid resistance of grooved pavements
L. Chu & T.F. Fwa

From Mean Texture Depth to Mean Profile Depth: Exploring possibilities
C. Plati, M. Pomoni & T. Stergiou

FE model of circular Accelerated Pavement Testing setup to study the optimal layout configuration of multiple pavements
S. Aggarwal, K. Anupam, T. Tang, C. Kasbergen, S.M.J.G. Erkens & A. Scarpas

Laboratory investigation of the landing aircraft tire contact patch
J. Ferguson, D. Woodward & P. Millar

A practical approach to determine asphalt concrete material properties based on non-destructive testing
I. Boz & M. Solaimanian

Criteria for the selection of safety barriers systems on road networks
A.L. Nikiforiadis & A.A. Nikiforiadis

Life-cycle safety rating of road maintenance works
A.E. Azmi & H. Evdorides

Application of machine learning techniques to predict asphalt pavement surface deteriorations
R. Muzzulini, M. Pagola & O. Giovanon

Poster Session

Influence of filler types and their quantities on bitumen-aggregate adhesion
J. Choudhary, B. Kumar & A. Gupta

Performance of asphalt determined by the tensile creep test on binder and asphalt mortar
F. Bommert & F. Münscher

MSCR analysis of rubberized asphalt binders containing wax additives
Soon-Jae Lee, Soo-Ahn Kwon, Sung-Il Jeon & Moon-Sup Lee

Impact of synthetic fibres on asphalt concrete mix
C.G. Daniel, X. Liu, P. Apostolidis, S. Erkens & A. Scarpas

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A.F. Nikolaides, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece
E. Manthos, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTh), Greece