1st Edition

Blockchain, Metaverse and Digital Payments A Global Digital Consumer Perspective

    200 Pages 25 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Blockchain, metaverse, and digital payment technologies, collectively called digital ecosystem, have received much attention from academia, regulators, and industry alike. However, their usage across various sub-sectors of the economy and industry is slow and deployment is still largely experimental. Due to its secure nature, many industrial players including banking and payment firms are looking for ways on using blockchain to develop consumer confidence and trust in the digital payments for wider adoptability and use.

    This book provides an in-depth and relevant overview of the main theories, frameworks, technologies and innovations, institutional structures or regulations (GDPR, PSD2), and empirical research that investigates users’ perspectives on blockchain technologies, metaverse, and digital payments. With chapters from international contributors, the book presents historical and contemporary developments, innovations, laws and legislation, research, and analysis using qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method approaches to the adoption and continuous usage of these technologies and platforms.

    This timely collection offers valuable insights and empirical findings for bank executives, regulators, payment associations (VISA, MasterCard, etc), policymakers, FinTech, BigTech, and start-up leaders who express interest in blockchain, metaverse, digital payments, as well as academia and researchers in the fields of business management, digital economy, digital technologies, and digital marketing..

    Part 1: Blockchain

    1. Unlocking the Future: The Evolution and Impact of Blockchain Technology

    Shayala Yasmin, Ardak Turginbayeva, and Aijaz A. Shaikh

    2. Navigating the Blockchain Revolution: Opportunities, Challenges, and Applications Across Industries

    Shayala Yasmin, Aijaz A. Shaikh, Shafia Jamil, and Aneel Salman

    3. Examining Cryptocurrency Platform Coinbase Through the Lens of Critical Incident Technique: A Text Mining Approach

    Jiyoon An

    4. Metaverse, Blockchain and Healthcare: A Systematic Literature Review

    Tamanna Dalwai

    5. A Blockchain-Based Review of Peer-to-Peer Vacation Rental Challenges

    Juan Francisco Prados-Castillo, Francisco Liébana-Cabanillas, Aijaz A. Shaikh and Galimkair Mutanov

    6. Blockchain-enabled Loyalty Points for Tokens as Digital Money

    Aijaz A. Shaikh, Hamda Al Breiki, Sana Khan, Ravishankar Sharma, and Nadia Dahmani 

    7. Blockchain and Metaverse in the Indian Banking Sector

    Amey Pangarkar and Hufrish Majra 

    Part 2: Metaverse

    8. Beyond Virtual Borders: The Metaverse's Evolution from Gaming to Global Digital Ecosystem

    Fadia Rafia Rafa, Aijaz A. Shaikh, and Galimkair Mutanov 

    9. Programmatic Advertising and the Metaverse: A Consumer-Centric Examination of Digital Ad Impact

    Le Yli-Kuivila, Aijaz A. Shaikh, Shafia Jamil, and Aneel Salman

    10. Connecting Possibilities: Exploring the Power of Social Networking Sites and

    the Metaverse for the Career Advancement of Minority Members

    Shaymardanov Mukhammadyusuf

    11. Unleashing the Metaverse's Potential to Fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals: A Virtual Revolution for a Sustainable Future

    Bhavesh Sarna and Dinesh Poudel

    12. What is the metaverse for? A categorization of the different metaverse affordances

    Aakanksha Gaur and Laura Ingrid Maria Colm 

    13. Unveiling the Unspoken Realities: Exploring the Dystopic Side of the Metaverse's Future

    Dinesh Poudel

    Part 3: Digital Payments 

    14. Digital payments for deepening financial inclusion and democratising financial ecosystems in Africa

    Patient Rambe


    Dr. Aijaz A. Shaikh is Senior Research Fellow at The Institute of Information and Computational Technologies in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Previously, he was a senior lecturer at the University of Jyvaskyla, Finland. Dr. Shaikh is celebrated for his prolific contributions to digital payments and mobile financial services research. His work is widely recognized, cited, and respected, with over 60 Scopus publications and a Google Scholar h-index of 27.

    Dr. Heikki Karjaluoto is Professor at the University of Jyväskylä (Faculty of Information Technology). His research interests include technology and innovation management, digital business, and software industry. Karjaluoto has published extensively in business and information system journals and is the author of several books. He has collaborated with several researchers both in Finland and abroad and actively co-operates with companies in joint research and development projects. He has won numerous research and teaching awards, including several Best Teacher Awards and Best paper awards.

    Galimkair Mutanov is currently Acting General Director of the Institute of Information and Computational Technologies in Almaty, Kazakhstan. In this role, he is crucial in enhancing computational methods and technologies. His work significantly impacts the scientific community within Kazakhstan and extends to international collaborations and contributions. Prof. Mutanov has an extensive publication record, contributing valuable insights and advancements in his field through scholarly articles and research papers.