1st Edition

Body Fluid Balance
Exercise and Sport

ISBN 9780849379185
Published July 16, 1996 by CRC Press
352 Pages

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Book Description

Body Fluid Balance: Exercise and Sport brings you the latest thinking on important topics in this dynamic research area. The authors of this authoritative compendium provide enlightening data and unique perspectives that will stimulate other investigators and supply independent analyses for practitioners and educators. The book is efficiently organized into three sections:
Section one addresses control of body fluid during exercise. Topics range from basic thirst mechanisms to specific organ control.
Section two discusses environmental influences on body fluid balance, including heat, cold, altitude, and immersion.
Section three describes special considerations affecting body fluid balance during exercise, such as age, gender, physical performance, and clinical complications. Each chapter presents historical perspectives, critical experiments, appropriate analyses, and pertinent conclusions. Nowhere else will you find the information you need in such an easy-to-follow, convenient format.

Table of Contents

Control of Body Fluid Balance During Exercise
Mechanisms Controlling Fluid Ingestion: Thirst and Drinking, J.E. Greenleaf and T. Morimoto
Gastrointestinal Physiology During Exercise, C.V. Gisolfi and A.J. Ryan
Hormonal Control of Body Fluid Volume, C.E. Wade
The Kidney and Body Fluid Balance During Exercise, E.J. Zambraski
Fluid and Electrolyte Balance of the Lung During Exercise, E.A. Birks and R.M. Effros
Integrated Control of Body Fluid Balance During Exercise, P.C. Szlyk-Modrow, R.P. Francesconi, and R.W. Hubbard
Environmental Influences on Body Fluid Balance During Exercise
Body Fluid Balance During Exercise: Heat Exposure, M.N. Sawka, S.J. Montain, and W.A. Latzka
Environmental Influences on Body Fluid Balance During Exercise: Cold Exposure, B.J. Freund and A.J. Young
Environmental Influences on Body Fluid Balance During Exercise: Altitude, R.W. Hoyt and A. Honig
Renal, Endocrine, and Hemodynamic Effects of Water Immersion in Humans, M. Epstein
Special Considerations in Regard to Body Fluid Balance During Exercise
Age, Gender, and Fluid Balance, M.D. Van Loan and R.A. Boileau
Hormonal Control of Fluid Balance During Exercise Among Women, S.M. Fortney
Fluid Replacement During Exercise and Recovery From Exercise, L.E. Armstrong and C.M. Maresh
Effects of Acute Body Weight Loss in Weight Controlling Athletes, E.R. Buskirk and S.M. Puhl
Clinical Complications of Body Fluid and Electrolyte Imbalance, J.P. Knochel

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Buskirk\, Elsworth R.; Puhl\, Susan M.


. . . an excellent reference for those who want a comprehensive treatise on this subject."
-Scan's Pulse
"Treatment is thorough and up to date, well referenced. The book is an excellent source."
-Perceptual and Motor Skills
The book's content is well organized, with a brief outline illustrating the content of each chapter. I would highly recommend this book to all athletic trainers, exercise physiologists, and physical therapists who work with an athletic population."
Journal of Orthopaedic & Sports Physical Therapy