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Genetic Improvement of Field Crops

Genetic Improvement of Field Crops

1st Edition

By Gustavo A. Slafer
October 07, 1993

Outlining successful breeding techniques to augment the yields of the world's major crops, this reference analyzes the physiological and genetic basis for past and potential future increases in crop yields.;Covering crops with wide differences in morphology, photosynthetic rates, and nitrogen ...

Soil Biochemistry Volume 8

Soil Biochemistry: Volume 8

1st Edition

By Bollag
May 13, 1993

Stressing the potential application of biochemical processes in soil to environmental biotechnology, this state-of-the-art reference considers the vital role that such biochemical processes have in the environment - emphasizing the activity of micro-organisms in soil.;An up-to-date analysis of ...

Soil Biochemistry Volume 7

Soil Biochemistry: Volume 7

1st Edition

By Jean-Marc Bollag, G. Stotzky
October 10, 1991

This book describes the interactions between soil minerals and microorganisms to more specialized areas such as the formation of desert varnishes. It is helpful for scientists and students who want to extend their knowledge of and research into soil biochemistry....

Semiarid Lands and Deserts Soil Resource and Reclamation

Semiarid Lands and Deserts: Soil Resource and Reclamation

1st Edition

By J. Skujins
April 16, 1991

A compendium of current information on arid soils. Provides a comprehensive background of the various soils and biota of arid regions, as well as a detailed account of the current understanding of degradation processes, and includes methodologies for arid land maintenance and rehabilitation and for...

Soil Biochemistry Volume 6: Volume 6

Soil Biochemistry: Volume 6: Volume 6

1st Edition

By J.-M. Bollag
March 22, 1990

Explores the role of biochemical processes in the soil environment, particularly the activity of microorganisms, and the potential application of those processes to environmental biotechnology. The 11 papers also highlight the application of molecular biology and microbial genetics to soil biology a...

Soil Biochemistry

Soil Biochemistry

1st Edition

By E. A. Paul
April 01, 1981

This book reviews some aspects of soil biochemistry, including the biochemical turnover of specific elements and organic compounds in soil; the properties and functions of soil enzymes; and the structure, distribution and pathways of metabolism of organic compounds....

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