The only source to fully cover every aspect of brain embolism, this guide analyzes the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and management of this disorder-providing a detailed overview of major topics pertinent to embolism including donor sources, recipient sites, embolic material, recipient brain supply arteries, vascular and brain pathology, and the tre

    Historical Background.  Overview: The Major Components of Brain Embolism.  Recipient Artery: Anatomy and Pathology. Recipient Artery: Clinical Symptoms and Signs of Brain Ischemia. The Eye as the Recipient Artery.  Imaging Evaluation: Recipient Artery Sites.  Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound. Cardiac Sources of Embolism: The Usual Suspects. Cardiac Source of Embolism: Pathophysiology and Identification.  The Aorta as a Donor Source. Arterial Sources. Ultrasound of Cervical Arteries.  Vascular Hemostasis and Brain Embolism.  Embolic Particles. Treatment of the Acute Embolic Event. Cardiac Source of Embolism: Treatment. Treatment of Aortic and Arterial Sources.  A Look Towards the Future


    Louis R. Caplan, Warren J. Manning