1st Edition

Britain and the Commonwealth

By H WISEMAN Copyright 1965

    First published in 1965, Britain and the Commonwealth provides a comprehensive account of Britain’s role in the Commonwealth and of the Commonwealth's place in the modern world. The author gives sufficient historical background, deals thoroughly with the present, and on the basis of his analysis risks a forecast of the future. The institutions and systems of government of different members of the Commonwealth- very varied as they are today- are described in relation to the way in which the Commonwealth countries work together and re-act on each other.

    Professor Wiseman considers the essential criteria for membership, and he does not burke the difficult issues presented by varying degrees and definitions of democracy and the rule of law in different Commonwealth members. These are the problems presented by a grouping of nations in varying stages of development, with varying cultural, religious and political backgrounds- at once the challenge to the Commonwealth today and one of the main reasons for its importance. This is an important read for students of British Politics and British history.

    1. The Commonwealth as a Whole 2. Constitutions and Governments 3. The Future of the Commonwealth 4. Conclusion Index


    H Victor Wiseman