1st Edition

British Colonial Policy in the Age of Peel and Russell

By W.P. Morrell Copyright 1930

    British Colonial Policy in the Age of Peel and Russell (1930) examines British colonial administration during the administrations of Sir Robert Peel and Lord John Russell. In this period, 1815–41, new ideas were adopted and colonial policy was revolutionized. British attitudes towards colonization and Australia, New Zealand and North America underwent radical changes.

    1. British Colonial Policy, 1815–41: Principles and Tendencies  Part 1. The Colonial Policy of the Peel Administration  2. Peel: Stanley: the Colonial Office  3. British Supremacy and Colonial Self-Government in North America  4. Systematic Colonization and Representative Government in Australia  5. The Conflict of Policies in New Zealand  6. Boers and Kaffirs in South Africa  7. Planters and Negroes in the Sugar Colonies  8. Colonial Preference and Free Trade  Part 2. The Colonial Policy of Lord John Russell’s Administration  9. Lord Grey at the Colonial Office  10. The New Imperial Commercial Policy  11. Free Trade and the Sugar Colonies  12. Progress and Reaction in South Africa  13. New Zealand and Sir George Grey  14. Systematic Colonization in Australia  15. Lord Grey and Australian Self-Government  16. The Transportation Question  17. Lord Grey and the Colonization of North America  18. The Establishment of Responsible Government in the North American Colonies  19. Lord Grey and the Colonial Reformers  20. The Imperial Ideas of Lord Grey and his Place in Imperial History


    W.P. Morrell