1st Edition

British Defence Policy in a Changing World

Edited By John Baylis Copyright 1977
    298 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1977, British Defence Policy in a Changing World provides an analysis of the changes which have taken place in Britain’s security policies since the second World War. Domestic political, economic, and social factors are discussed as well as the range of international circumstances which have influenced policy. The approach is essentially a thematic one, isolating several key issues and examining them in detail. The authors use their skills to study a comprehensive range of affairs relating to Britain’s security policy since 1945.

    The book may be divided into four main sections. The first looks at the relationship between foreign policy and defence policy in general and more specifically at the three circles of British policy: East of Suez, the ‘special relationship’, and Europe. The second section looks at the place of nuclear weapons in defence policy. The third section is concerned with defence economics, national priorities, and the recurring dilemmas of decision-making, while the final section concentrates on issues of civil military relations and discuss public attitudes towards defence in terms of their political implications. This is a must read for scholars and researchers of international politics, British politics, defence and strategic studies.

    Acknowledgements List of Contributors Introduction 1. The Military Instrument in British Foreign Policy C.J. Bartlett 2. East of Suez Reassessed Phillip Darby 3. The Anglo-American Relationship in Defence John Baylis 4. Britain, NATO, and European Security: The Irreducible Commitment Stephen Kirby 5. The British Deterrent A.J.R. Groom 6. British Strategic Thought John C. Garnett 7. Defence and National Priorities since 1945 David Greenwood 8. Recurring Dilemmas and Decision Making for Defence Michael Dillon 9. Civil Military Relations John Sabine 10. Public Opinion and Popular Attitudes towards Defence David Capitanchik Bibliography Index


    John Baylis