1st Edition

British Government Since 1918 With an Introduction by The Rt. Hon. Sir John Anderson

    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    First published in 1950, British Government Since 1918 presents a comprehensive, well-balanced account of the machinery by which public affairs are regulated in Britain. The Institute of Public Administration asked six experts to make a broad survey of the significant happenings in each of the main fields of government. Their names by themselves guarantee the authority and readability of this important book.

    Lord Campion deals with the changes in parliamentary procedure; D. N. Chester with the cabinet and its committees; Professor W. J. M. Mackenzie with the central departments; Professor W. A. Robson with the administrative law; Sir Arthur Street with the public corporation and quasi-governmental bodies; and J. H. Warren with local government. This is a must read for students of political science and public administration.

    Introduction The Rt. Hon. Sir John Anderson 1. Developments in the Parliamentary System since 1918 Lord Campion 2. Development of the Cabinet 1914-1949 D. N. Chester 3. The Structure of Central Administration W. J. M. Mackenzie 4. Administrative Law in England, 1919-1948 Professor William A. Robson 5. The Quasi-Government Body since 1918 Sir Arthur Street 6. Local Government J. H. Warren Index


    Lord Campion, D. N. Chester, W.J. M. Mackenzie, William Robson, Sir Arthur Street, J. H. Warren

    Review of the Original Publication:

    “On the subjects the book treats no better qualified set of authors could have been assembled, and no better balanced set… a symposium that is stimulating and informative because the authors range where they will and concentrate mainly on interpretation and on bringing the less familiar rather than the commonplace to notice. What they jointly produce in consequence is as lively and full and account as has yet appeared of some of the leading problems of our time.”

    -          Manchester Guardian