1st Edition

British Imperialism and Australia, 1783–1833 An Economic History of Australasia

By Brian Fitzpatrick Copyright 1939

    British Imperialism and Australia (1939) looks at the early economic history of Australia, which towards the end of the period under review became an important field of British Imperial development. The establishment of a peasant economy in New South Wales was attempted half a world away from the imperial architects, but war with revolutionary France interrupted the transportation of convicts and poor freemen, and in doing so gave the scheme a character quite unlike that originally envisaged by Pitt and Sydney.

    1. The Genesis of Australian Settlement  2. First Phase of the New South Wales Penal Settlement  3. An Economy of Monopoly in New South Wales from 1793  4. The Disturbed Economy of Post-War England  5. Transition to a Free Economy in New South Wales, to 1821  6. The Post-War Expansion of England, and Further Colonization in Australia  7. Importation of Capital into Australia, from circa 1822  8. Pauper Emigration to New South Wales from 1831


    Brian Fitzpatrick