1st Edition

British India's Relations with the Kingdom of Nepal, 1857–1947 A Diplomatic History of Nepal

By Asad Husain Copyright 1970

    British India's Relations with the Kingdom of Nepal (1970) uses original documents and confidential papers never before available to examine the relations between Nepal and British India from 1857 to 1947. Though relations between the two countries were generally friendly, they occasionally clashed when Nepal felt that its independence and indigenous way of life was threatened. Although Nepal customarily followed policies which appeared to be harmonious with those of Great Britain, Professor Husain shows that its policies were usually based on self-interest and, contrary to traditional thinking, Nepal was a nation largely independent of British control.

    Part 1. British–Nepalese Relations to the End of the Nineteenth Century  1. A General Survey (to 1857)  2. The Indian Mutiny and Jung Bahadur’s Prime Ministership  3. Frustration and Compromise  Part 2. Anglo–Nepalese Relations in the First Half of the Twentieth Century  4. Chandra Shamsher and his Foreign Policy  5. Nepalese–British Cooperation in World War I  6. Nepalese–British Relations between the World Wars  Part 3. The Last Phase and Other Problems  7. The Last Phase  8. Gurkha Recruitment and the Government of India  9. Nepal, China, Tibet  10. The International Status of Nepal


    Asad Husain