Broadband Networking  book cover
2nd Edition

Broadband Networking

Edited By

James Trulove

ISBN 9780849398216
Published November 18, 1999 by Auerbach Publications
568 Pages

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Book Description

Broadband Networking shows you how to bring all the benefits of multiservice networks to your company, and build an infrastructure for audio, graphics, animation, full motion video - all types of real-time multimedia applications. Broadband Networking provides easy-to-understand material on service issues, such as latency and bandwidth, standards, and critical technologies, including

  • The rapid deployment of voice over traditionally data-only networks with chapters on Voice over IP, Voice over Frame Relay, the IP PBX, video conferencing, and voice/video operations in the LAN.
  • Emerging new technologies, such as dense wave-division multiplexing (DWDM).
  • Delivery technologies coverage, including digital subscriber line (DSL), cable modems, wireless, and even satellite delivery
    With Broadband Networking, you'll learn how to:
  • Reduce costs and add services with new bandwidth saving techniques o Expand a network's capacity, leverage infrastructure, and safeguard network privacy
  • Prepare a network for the stringent requirements for two-way interactive video
  • Lower WAN costs, enhance access capability, and make faster upgrades with frame relay
  • Find out key networking options for supporting bursty data on LANs and WANs
  • Learn practical information from top experts at leading-edge companies, such as Lucent Technologies, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens, and MCI
    Whether you're a network manager, architect, administrator, or engineer, Broadband Networking brings together crucial information and insight for making the best possible decisions about today's most important networking technologies.
  • Table of Contents

    The Convergence of Media, James Trulove

    Introduction, James Trulove
    Business Impact and Implications of Multimedia, Phil Evans
    Business Aspects of Multimedia Networking, T. M. Rajkumar
    Broadband Applications and Technology Requirements, James W. Conard
    Placing Images and Multimedia on the Corporate Network, Gilbert Held
    Infrastructure Requirements for Reliable Converged Networking, James Trulove
    Global Multimedia Networking: A Web of Controversy, Keith Knightson
    Integrating Voice and LAN Infrastructure and Applications, David Curley

    Introduction, James Trulove
    Multimedia Networking Technologies, T. M. Rajkumar
    Voice and Video on the LAN, Martin Taylor
    Integrated Services: The Multimedia Internet, John Galgay
    Internet Voice Applications, Frank J. Bourne
    Voice over Frame Relay, Daniel Bahr and Wendy Roberts
    Voice Compression and Silence Suppression, Daniel A. Kose
    Building an IP PBX Telephony Network, John Fisk
    Videoconferencing over IP Networks, Christine Perey and Matthew Feldman
    Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation in B-ISDN, Johnny S. K. Wong, Prerana Vaidya, and Armin R. Mikler
    Working with Images in Client/Server Environments, by Gilbert Held
    Video Compression Techniques and Bandwidth Utilization, Jeffrey Weiss
    Networking Approaches for Multimedia LANs, Frederick W. Scholl and Gilbert Held

    Introduction, James Trulove
    T1, T3, and SONET Networks, Roohollah Hajbandeh
    Transport Over Frame Relay: Issues and Considerations, Tim Kelly
    ATM Circuit Emulation Services, G. Thomas des Jardins
    ATM Cell Relay Transport for Broadband Services, David H. Axner
    ATM LAN Emulation, G. Thomas des Jardins
    Convergence of IP, ATM, and SONET/SDM at the Backbone, John R. Vacca

    Introduction, James Trulove
    The Emerging Advantage of xDSL Technology, Andres Llana
    Choosing Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Lines (ADSL), Gilbert Held
    Satellite Delivery of Data, Voice and Video Services, John R. Vacca
    Preparing for Cable Modems, Gilbert Held
    Wireless Communications for Voice and Data, Andres Llana
    Security of Wireless Local Area Networks, Amin Lieman and Martin Miller
    Wiring Media Support for Multimedia LANs, James Trulove
    Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) for Broadband Network Access, Nathan J. Muller
    Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD): Extending the Reach of Data, Jerry Bahr

    Introduction, James Trulove
    Managing the Multimedia Network, Erik Fretheim
    Issues in Managing Multimedia Networks, Luc T. Nguyen, Ph.D.
    Simulation Method for the Design of Multimedia Networks, G. Thomas des Jardins
    Access Architectures and Multimedia, Dale Smith

    Converging the Future, James Trulove


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