1st Edition

Broadcast Data Systems Teletext and RDS

    Broadcast Data Systems (1990) looks at the broadcasting technology of data transmission over TV and radio channels – commonly known as teletext and RDS. It describes the development of the technology, together with the data signal format and coding methods used, the networking of teletext data signals and regional services requirements, and the transmission of the data itself.

    1. The Development of Teletext  2. The Teletext Data Signal  3. Editing Terminals and Graphics Digitizers  4. Teletext Data Management and Transmission  5. Teletext Decoders and ‘In-Vision’ Services  6. Networking and Regional Services  7. The Subtitling of Television Programmes  8. Satellite Data Broadcasting  9. Teletext Measurements  10. Radio Data System (RDS)  11. RDS Data Format and Applications


    Peter L. Mothersole and Norman W. White