1st Edition

Broadening the Contours in the Study of Black Politics Citizenship and Popular Culture

By Michael Mitchell Copyright 2017
    200 Pages
    by Routledge

    192 Pages
    by Routledge

    Broadening the Contours in the Study of Black Politics, volume 17 of the National Political Science Review (NPSR), is divided thematically into two books, available separately or as a set. The first concentrates on the institutional aspects of Black politics. The second book addresses various dimensions of social capital that constitute the fundamental building blocks of Black politics. Each contains peer-reviewed articles, a symposium section, and book reviews, as well as other featured sections.

    Together, these books build on the previous NPSR volume, Black Women in Politics. The symposium in Volume 17:1 examines the struggle of Black women, both in the political science discipline and in getting their work published. In the symposium section of Volume 17:2, members of the National Conference of Black Political Scientists carry on a revealing conversation about the dilemmas of professional life for Black women in political science.

    The set also contains a section called "Trends," which offers data to use as starting points for discussions in teaching, on professional panels, or in the mass media, regarding the new versions of the Voting Rights Act after the Shelby County v. Holder decision of 2013. Both volumes 17:1 and 17:2 contain rigorously vetted articles on significant themes in the study of Black politics. This set represents the most recent offering in the distinguished National Political Science Review series.

    Research Articles Who Will Survive in America?: Gil Scott-Heron,the Black Radical Tradition, and the Critique ofNeoliberalism Daniel Robert McClure Are African Americans Really Americans?: African American Ambivalence and the Plural SubjectTheory of Political Obligation Camisha Russell Ratchet Politics: Moving Beyond Black Women'sBodies to Indict Institutions and Structures Nadia E. Brown and Lisa Young Holier than Thou: The Impact of Politico-Economic Equality on Black Spirituality Major G. Coleman Symposium II Black Women Political Scientists at WorkTM: A Conversationwith Nadia Brown and WendySmooth Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd Work in Progress Assessing the Voting Rights Act:Competing Analytical Paradigms David Blanding Trends The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Voting Rights Actand the Quiet Revolution B. D'Andra Orey, Gloria J. Billingsley, and Athena M. King Book Review Forum Forum on Urban Black Women and the Politics of Resistance, by Zenzele Isoke Book Review Forum: Essay 1 Tiffany Willoughby-Herard Book Review Forum: Essay 2 Duchess Harris Book Review Forum: Essay 3 Andreana Clay Book Review Forum: Essay 4 Grace Kyungwon Hong Book Review Forum: Essay 5 Keisha-Khan Y. Perry Book Review Forum: Essay 6 Cheryl Flores Book Review Forum: Essay 7 Khaalidah Sidney Making Knowledge without Master's Tools Zenzele Isoke Responds Book Reviews Duchess Harris, Black Feminist Politicsfrom Kennedy to Obama, reviewed by Ange-Marie Hancock Andra Gillespie, The New Black Politician:Cory Booker, Newark, and Post-Racial America, reviewed by Aiisha Harden Russell Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd, Gender, Race,and Nationalism in Contemporary Black Politics, reviewed by Kiana Cox C. Riley Snorton, Nobody Is Supposed to Know, reviewed by Saidah K. Isoke Miriam Jimenez Roman and Juan Flores, eds., The Afro-Latin@ Reader: History andCulture in the United States, reviewed by Jennifer Gutierrez Julia Jordan-Zachery, Black Women,Cultural Images and Social Policy, reviewed by Stephanie Hicks A Note on Passing: Michael B. Preston A Note on Passing: Jewel Limar Prestage Invitation to the Scholarly Community


    Michael Mitchell