2nd Edition

Brogdon's Forensic Radiology

ISBN 9781420075625
Published November 22, 2010 by CRC Press
654 Pages 1304 Color Illustrations

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Book Description

The benchmark first edition of Forensic Radiology, published in 1998, was a milestone in the forensic community — a bestseller throughout the world and a standard reference for practitioners and educators alike. Like its predecessor, Brogdon’s Forensic Radiology, Second Edition covers the entire scope of radiological applications in the forensic sciences, profiling current and anticipated uses of new modalities and techniques.


  • Provides an introduction to forensic radiology, including historical perspectives and definitions used in the field
  • Offers instruction on trial preparation and effective courtroom testimony
  • Demonstrates the use of forensic radiology in identification of the dead
  • Explores the use of radiology to help in gunshot and abuse cases and in nonviolent crimes
  • Contains an entirely new section on virtual imaging and virtopsy
  • Examines technological and safety issues

For radiologists, forensic scientists, forensic dentists, medical examiners, investigators, and attorneys

Over the past twelve years, the fields of forensic science and radiology have developed considerably, necessitating a revision of this critical work.

New Topics in this Edition include:

  • The radiologist as an expert witness
  • Modern cross-sectional imaging in anthropology
  • New approaches to radiology in mass casualty situations
  • The use of virtual imaging and virtopsy — new modalities developed and advanced since the publication of the last edition
  • Forensic and clinical usage of x-rays in body packing for drug smuggling
  • Imaging in the medical examiner’s facility and in the field
  • Radiology of special objects, antiquities, and mummies

Table of Contents

Introduction to Forensic Radiology

Definitions in Forensics and Radiology; B.G. Brogdon

Forensic Radiology in Historical Perspective; B.G. Brogdon and J.E. Lichtenstein

Scope of Forensic Radiology; B.G. Brogdon

Coping with the Courts

The Radiological Expert; B.G. Brogdon

The Expert Witness as Viewed from the Bench; H.M. Pitluck

The Radiologist in the Courtroom Witness Stand: Good, Bad, and Indifferent; L. Berlin


Identification of the Dead; L. Riddick

Radiological Identification: Antropological Parameters; B.G. Brogdon

Modern Cross-Sectional Imaging in Anthropology; F. Dedouit, N. Telmon, H. Rousseau, E. Crubézy, F. Joffre, and D. Rougé

Radiographic Applications in Forensic Dental Identification; R.A. Weems

Virtopsy: Dental Scan and Body CT Imaging as a Screening Tool for Identification; M.J. Thali, U. Preiss, and S.A. Bolliger

Radiological Identification of Individual Remains; B.G. Brogdon

Radiology in Mass Casualty Situations; M.D. Viner and J.E. Lichtenstein

New Approaches to Radiology in Mass Casualty Situations; A.D. Levy and H.T. Harcke

Gunshot Wounds

Forensic Radiology of Gunshot Wounds; B.G. Brogdon and J.M. Messmer

New Developments in Gunshot Analysis; S.A. Bolliger, B.P. Kneubuehl, and M.J. Thali

Radiology of Abuse

Child Abuse; B.G. Brogdon

Abuse of Intimate Partners and of the Elderly: An Overview; B.G. Brogdon and J.D. McDowell

Radiology in Nonviolent Crimes

Smuggling/Border Control; B.G. Brogdon, H. Vogel, and P.R. Algra

Forensic and Clinical Usage of X-rays in Body Packing; P.M. Flach, S.G. Ross, and M.J. Thali

Larceny; B.G. Brogdon

Radiology of Fakes and Forgery in Art; A.E. James

Virtual Imaging

Reporting and Finding Expert Opinion: Virtopsy and the Logic of Scientific Discovery of K.R. Popper; R. Dirnhofer

Photogrammetry-Based Optical Surface Scanning; S. Näther, U. Buck, and M.J. Thali

Cross-Sectional Imaging and Swiss Virtobot Documentation and Analysis: Work Flow and Procedure; M. J. Thali, S.G. Ross, S. A. Bolliger, T. Germerott, P.M. Flach, L. C. Ebert, T. Ruder, M. Bolliger, U. Preiss, S. Mathier, L. Filograna, G. Hatch, and G. Ampanozi

Clinical and Forensic Radiology Are not the Same; P.M. Flach, S.G. Ross, A. Christe, and M.J. Thali

Postmortem Biopsy; S.G. Ross, L.C. Ebert, L. Filograna, and M.J. Thali

Postmortem Angiography; S. G. Ross, P.M. Flach and M. J. Thali

Using Real 3D Data for Reconstruction; U. Buck, S. Näther, and M.J. Thali

Applications of Rapid-Prototyping Methods in Forensic Medicine; L.C. Ebert, S.G. Ross, and M.J. Thali

Facial Reconstruction: New Approaches; G. Mahoney and C. Rynn

Virtopsy and Forensic Tissue Simulation and Synthetic Body Models; M.J. Thali, B.P. Kneubuehl, and S.A. Bolliger

Facilities, Equipment, and Organization

Organization and Management of Forensic Radiology; M.D. Viner and P.F. Laudicina

Facility, Equipment, and Radiation Protection; M.D. Viner, C.W. Newell, and C.M. Jalkh

Forensic Radiological Technology

Imaging in the Medical Examiner’s Facility; T. Blyth, E. Faircloth, G. Conlogue, and M.D. Viner

Imaging in the Field; G. Conlogue, M.D. Viner, and N. Adams

Radiology of Special Objects, Antiquities, and Mummies; G. Conlogue

Essentials of Diagnostic Imaging

Production of the Radiographic Image; C.W. Newell, C.M. Jalkh, and M.D. Viner

Radiographic Positioning; C.W. Newell, C.M. Jalkh, and E. Faircloth


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Michael J. Thali has written many virtual autopsy papers (see www.virtopsy.com) and is editor of the book The Virtopsy Approach. He has been a professor of forensic medicine at the University of Bern, Switzerland since 2006, and at the time of finishing this book is the director of the Forensic Institute at the University of Bern.

Mark D. Viner is a Fellow of Cranfield University Forensic Institute, Chief Executive of the Inforce Foundation, and a Senior Manager at St. Bartholomew’s and The Royal London Hospitals. He has a long-held interest in forensic imaging and emergency planning, developed during almost 30 years of experience as radiographer and radiology manager in the United Kingdom.

B.G. Brogdon’s interest and experience in forensic radiology goes back more than 40 years to a time when he was radiologist-in- charge at the Division of Diagnostic Radiology at Johns Hopkins. His involvement in the field continued throughout his tenures as professor and Chair of the Departments of Radiology at the University of New Mexico and, later, at the University of South Alabama where he is now University Distinguished Professor Emeritus.


" … a reference work of unparalleled excellence for forensic scientists and judicial personnel. It is packed with useful information, is well-organized, and profusely illustrated. … a plethora of amazing radiographs and images, both black and white and in color. This book is a "must have" reference for not only radiologists, but for forensic scientists, especially forensic odontologists, medical examiners, and field investigators. Attorneys and others who must understand radiological findings in forensic cases will also want this book in their personal library."
—Janet Barber Duval in Forensic Digest and Forensic Times

" … this beautifully written book should not be confined to the libraries of physicians. … will be a welcome addition to the bookshelf of practitioners of forensic science of any sort."
—Gregory G. Davis, M.D., in Journal of Forensic Science

"The second edition of Brogdon’s Forensic Radiology is updated, timely, and extremely well organized. It should be considered the new reference standard for forensic imaging."
American Journal of Roentgenology