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    by Taylor & Francis

    The book opens with chapters that focus on the development of molecular diagnostic tools and these are followed by chapters on genetic evolution and its relationship to pathogenicity. Other topics include Brucella comparative genomics and proteomics, analysis of the structure, biosynthesis and biology of glucans and lipopolysaccharides, pathogenicity, approaches to vaccine development, bacterium-host interactions, immune response, and much more. Essential reading for everyone with an interest in Brucella and brucellosis and recommended reading for the wider body of scientists with an interest in microbial diagnostics, microbial pathogenesis, cellular microbiology and immunology, and vaccine development.

    1. DNA Polymorphism and Taxonomy of Brucella Species. 2. Molecular Diagnostics of Animal Brucellosis: A Review of PCR-Based Assays and Approaches. 3. Polymerase Chain Reaction: A Powerful New Approach for the Diagnosis of Buman Brucellosis. 4. A Brucella melitensis Genomic Database. 5. Comparative Genomics of Brucella melitensis, B. suis, and B. abortus. 6. Comparative Proteomics of Brucellae species. 7. Brucella Virulence: A Matter of Control. 8. Brucella Lipopolysaccharide: Structure, Biosynthesis and Genetics. 9. Brucella Cyclic - 1,2-Glucans: Structure, Biosynthesis, Biological Activities and Role in Virulence. 10. The Brucella BvrS/BvrR and Related Two-Component Regulatory Systems of the a-2 Proteobacteria: Common Regulatory Strategies of Animal and Plant Pathogens and Endosymbionts. 11. Erythritol Metabolism and Virulence in Brucella. 12. Iron Metabolism in Brucella. 13. Brucella Interaction with Membrane Lipids of the Host Cell. 14. Invasion, Intracellular Trafficking and Replication of Brucella Organisms in Professional and Non-Professional Phagocytes. 15. The Intramacrophagic Environment of Brucella spp. and Their Replicative Niche. 16. Host Cellular Immune Responses Against Brucella spp. Evaluated Using the Mouse Model. 17. Development of New Brucella Vaccines by Molecular Methods. 18. Alternative Ovine Brucellosis Vaccine: Experiences with Drug Delivery Systems.


    Ignacio Lopez-Goni, Ignacio Moriyon

    The breadth of topics covered in this book make it a useful introduction or update for those intending to study this 'stealthy' pathogen, and also to those with a more general interest in intracellular bacterial pathogenesis. - Nicky Commander, VLA Weybridge, Microbiology Today

    This is a very useful volume for anyone interested in developments in brucellosis research. - Clinical Infectious Disease, 2006:42 (1 February)