1st Edition

Buddhism, Imperialism and War Burma and Thailand in Modern History

By Trevor Ling Copyright 1979

    Buddhism, Imperialism and War (1979) is a lively, provocative and informative study of two of the most important Buddhist countries of South East Asia – Burma and Thailand. Buddhism gives, in theory, a high place to the maintenance of peace, both between individuals and between social groups. In practice however, Buddhist nations are no strangers to the battlefield. This book explores the complexity surrounding the issue, and reveals much for the first time that has been obscure and misunderstood.

    1. Early Buddhist Burma and Thailand  2. Consequences of Contact with Europe  3. The Clash of Empires: 1782–1900  4. The Growth of Nationalism: 1900–1945  5. Buddhism and Nationalism in the Post-War Period  6. Buddhists at War


    Trevor Ling