1st Edition

Building Corporate Identity, Image and Reputation in the Digital Era

Edited By T C Melewar, Charles Dennis, Pantea Foroudi Copyright 2021
    572 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    572 Pages 40 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Brands – corporate, products, service – today are collectively defined by their customers, deriving from personal experiences and word of mouth. This book acts as a forum for examining current and future trends in corporate branding, identity, image and reputation.

    Recognising the complexity and plurality at the heart of the corporate branding discipline, this book fills a gap in the literature by posing a number of original research questions on the intrinsic nature of corporate branding ideas from corporate (external) and organisation (internal) identity perspectives as they relate to brand management, corporate reputation, marketing communications, social media, smart technology, experiential and sensory marketing. It incorporates current thinking and developments by both multidisciplinary academics and practitioners, combining a comprehensive theoretical foundation with practical insights. The text will serve as an important resource for the marketing, identity and brand practitioners requiring more than anecdotal evidence on the structure and operation of stakeholders communication in different geographical areas. It determines current practices and researches in diverse areas, regions and commercial and non-commercial sectors across the world.

    The book provides scholars, researchers and postgraduate students in business and marketing with a comprehensive treatment of the nature of relationships between companies, brands and stakeholders in different areas and regions of the world.

    Part I: Introduction

    Chapter 1- Introduction: Building Corporate Identity, Image and Reputation in the Digital Era

    Prof TC Melewar, Prof Charles Dennis, and Dr Pantea Foroudi

    Part II: Building a Corporate Brand Identity

    Chapter 2- Corporate identity: Definition and Component

    Mohammad M. Foroudi and Pantea Foroudi

    Chapter 3- Managing Marketing Competencies: A framework for understanding antecedents of marketing capability and its relation to company’s core competencies

    Pantea Foroudi, Khalid Hafeez, and Javad Izadi

    Chapter 4- Reputation: Configuring the Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Paths to Architecture in a Retail Setting

    Mohammad M. Foroudi, Pantea Foroudi and Zhongqi Jin

    Chapter 5- Conceptualising Sensory Brand Experience: Using Review of Knowledge Fields and Bibliometric Data to Identify Potential Future Research Direction

    Dongmei Zha, TC Melewar, Zhongqi Jin and Pantea Foroudi

    Chapter 6- Corporate brand identity: Virtual space

    Maria Teresa Cuomo, Cinzia Genovino, Debora Tortora and Alex Giordano

    Chapter 7- Aesthetic heritage and corporate branding: Luxury heritage brands between tradition and modernity

    Angela Bargenda

    Part III: Building a Corporate Brand Image

    Chapter 8- Corporate Multi-Channel Branding: Platforms for #CorporateBranding

    Awele Achi, Ogechi Adeola and Francis Chukwuedo Achi

    Chapter 9- Value co-creation behaviour: Antecedents and Consequences

    Yousef Alqayed, Pantea Foroudi, Charles Dennis and Kaouther Kooli

    Chapter 10- An assessment of Customer Experience Concept: Looking Back to Move Forward

    Dongmei Zha, Marvi, R., Foroudi, P., Dennis, C., Ueno, A., Jin, Z., and Melewar, TC

    Chapter 11- Employees occupational identity

    Maria Jerez, TC Melewar and Pantea Foroudi

    Chapter 12- Behavioral intentions in the UK fashion industry: The impact of perceived fashion innovativeness on fashion brand image with the moderating role of social media marketing and lovemark

    Helnaz Ahmadi Lari, Pantea Foroudi and Saheb Imani

    Chapter 13- Corporate brand image: Technology and innovation in e-tailing 

    Virginia Vannucci and Eleonora Pantano

    Part IV: Building a Corporate Brand Reputation

    Chapter 14- Take a New Turn: Relationships between corporate identity management and corporate reputation in a hospitality context

    Pantea Foroudi, Reza Marvi, Javad Izadi and Pouya Pirzadeh

    Chapter 15- Islamic Brand Love

    Waleed Yousef and Najwa Yousef

    Chapter 16- Societal corporate branding and political discourse: where brand ethics meets with consumers’ clicktivism

    Rossella Gambetti, Silvia Biraghi, TC Melewar and Angela Beccanulli

    Chapter 17- Brand Knowledge, Brand Community and Brand Engagement

    Suraksha Gupta, Aisha Abuelmaatti and Dongmei Cao

    Chapter 18- Building and Sustaining Personal Brand: Examining the Effectiveness of Personal Branding in the Context of Education

    Marwa Tourky, Pantea Foroudi and Fatma Haji Al-Zadjali

    Chapter 19- How the digital environment and its user experience effects the customer’s perception of luxury brands and co-creation of Brand Value

    Nastaran Norouzi Richards-Carpenter and Thimo Grantz

    Chapter 20- Celebrity endorsement, theories, models, existing literature and corporate identity, image and reputation

    Dr Shahzeb Hussain







    T C Melewar is Professor of Marketing and Strategy with the Department of Marketing, Branding and Tourism at the Business School, Middlesex University London, UK.

    Charles Dennis is Professor of Consumer Behaviour with the Department of Marketing, Branding and Tourism at the Business School, Middlesex University London, UK.

    Pantea Foroudi is a Senior Lecturer in Branding with the Department of Marketing, Branding and Tourism at the Business School, Middlesex University London, UK.

    "This proposed edited collection will offer a timely updating of the theory and practice of corporate identity, image and reputation to reflect the realities of the contemporary digital era, acknowledging the increasing variety of technology-mediated means by which consumers engage with brands. The breadth of the range of proposed contributions to this volume indicate that it will provide a comprehensive overview of this vitally important aspect of marketing practice".

    -Professor Gary Warnaby, Marketing Retail & Tourism / Institute of Place Management

    "This excellent book edited by professors Melewar, Dennis and Foroudi is a welcome addition to the corporate branding literature. It provides both academic rigor through systematic analyses and syntheses of literature on a wide range of topics within the area, and practical relevance through in-depth cases that help students and practitioners to apply the concepts in real life."

    -Guido Berens, Editor in Chief – Corporate Reputation Review