1st Edition

Building the Field of Higher Education Engagement Foundational Ideas and Future Directions

Edited By Lorilee R. Sandmann, Diann O. Jones Copyright 2019
    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    Community engagement has evolved as a respected field and now occupies a seat at the academic table. In the past, this work had often been relegated to the institutional fringes of higher education, its practitioners marginalized, and the work often portrayed as service, not scholarly. Today, higher education community engagement is a dynamic and continually evolving field of scholarship and practice that carries ever-increasing academic respect. This book contributes to the ever-under-construction edifice by presenting a scaffolding of the scholarship that has been part of the building process, documenting and analyzing the past, speculating about the future, and framing a continuing conversation about and for the field.The three parts of this book are designed to promote a continuing field-building conversation: a look back at foundational documents of the field; a set of provocative questions interrogating those foundational works; and a look to the future by the next generation of leaders in the field. The central part is the special 20th anniversary issue of the Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement, which brings together key documents of the scholarship of engagement with reflections on those documents by key scholars and/or the authors of the original works. In addition to highlighting the foundations and evolution of the field, this work also looks ahead to the next generation of voices and views as input to the conversation, with a closing chapter that includes invited essays by nine outstanding community-engaged thinkers and writers of the next 20 years who share their ideas about probable futures.

    Tables and Figures Preface—Lorilee R. Sandmann 1. Building the Field of Higher Education Engagement. A 20-Year Retrospective—Lorilee R. Sandmann, Andrew Furco, Katherine R. Adams 2. The Scholarship of Engagement—Ernest Boyer Ernest Boyer’s “Scholarship of Engagement” in Retrospect—R. Eugene Rice 3. Ensuring the Quality of Outreach. The Critical Role of Evaluating Individual and Collective Initiatives and Performance—Ernest A. Lynton Ernest Lynton and the Tyranny of Research—John Saltmarsh 4. Outreach, Engagement, and the Changing Culture of the University—John V. Byrne Commentary. Outreach, Engagement, and the Changing Culture of the University - 1998 —John V. Byrne 5. Factors and Strategies that Influence Faculty Involvement in Public Service—Barbara A. Holland Factors Influencing Faculty Engagement. Then, Now, and Future—Barbara A. Holland 6. From Maverick to Mainstream. The Scholarship of Engagement—Amy Driscoll, Lorilee R. Sandmann Moving From Mavericks at the Margins. Encouraging Progress but “Miles to Go”—Amy Driscoll, Lorilee R. Sandmann 7. The “New” Scholarship. Implications for Engagement and Extension—Frank A. Fear, Lorilee R. Sandmann It’s Time for a Second-Wave Movement—Frank A. Fear, Lorilee R. Sandmann 8. Preparing Future Faculty for Community Engagement. Barriers, Facilitators, Models, and Recommendations—KerryAnn O'Meara, Audrey J. Jaeger The State of Community Engagement in Graduate Education. Reflecting on 12 Years of Progress—Shauna M. Morin, Audrey J. Jaeger, KerryAnn O'Meara 9. An Integrated Model for Advancing the Scholarship of Engagement. Creating Academic Homes for the Engaged Scholar—Lorilee R. Sandmann, John Saltmarsh, KerryAnn O'Meara An Integrated Model Recontextualized—KerryAnn O'Meara, John Saltmarsh 10. Understanding an Emerging Field of Scholarship. Toward a Research Agenda for Engaged, Public Scholarship—Dwight E. Giles Jr. The Emergence of Engaged Scholarship. Seven Additional Years of Evolution—Dwight E. Giles Jr. 11. A Holistic Model of Engaged Scholarship. Telling the Story Across Higher Education’s Missions—Nancy Franz The Legacy and Future of a Model for Engaged Scholarship. Supporting a Broader Range of Scholarship—Nancy Franz 12. The Centrality of Engagement in Higher Education—Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Karen Bruns, Steven T. Sonka, Andrew Furco, Louis Swanson The Centrality of Engagement in Higher Education. Reflections and Future Directions—Hiram E. Fitzgerald, Karen Bruns, Steven T. Sonka, Andrew Furco, Louis Swanson 13. Perspectives on Future Direstions—Diann O. Jones Supporting Community Building and Well-Being through Culturally Responsive Social Action—Shane R. Brady Confronting the Paradoxes of Higher Education—Minh Dang Tear Down These Walls. Break the Barriers in Community Engagement—Brian Davenport Future Trends in Engagement Practice and Those Who Advance Practice—Lina D. Dostilio Next-Generation Scholars and Scholarly Communications—Emily M. Janke Courageous Pragmatism. The Next 20 Years for Community-Engaged Scholarship—Brandon W. Kliewer Opening the Doors of the Academy. Rethinking the Focus and Framing of Engagement—Marisol Morales Future Directions for Community Engagement in Higher Education. Advancing Scholarship, Building Leadership Capacity, and Reaffirming Commitments—Jennifer W. Purcell It is Time for Higher-Ed to Get Political—Laura Saija 14. Higher Education Community Engagement. Past, Present, and Future—Judith A. Ramaley Editors, Authors, and Contributors Index


    Lorilee R. Sandmann is professor emeritus in the College of Education at the University of Georgia. Diane O. Jones is a clinical assistant professor at the University of Georgia in the Department of Learning, Leadership, and Organizational Development.

    "Grounded in principles of mutuality, diversity and inclusion, integrity, and purpose, this book is a must-read for campus leaders. With an all-star group of scholars, this book synthesizes wisdom to inform our engagement with society. Colleges and universities cannot meet their missions of developing critical thinking, leadership, and moral citizens without this type of engagement in our communities."

    Adrianna Kezar, Dean's Professor of Leadership, University of Southern California; Codirector, Pullias Center; and Director, Delphi Project

    "Broad in scope, insightful, and comprehensive, this volume chronicles a critical movement that is profoundly shaping higher education. For anyone in the engagement field, from the most experienced to those just starting their careers, this is the must-have centerpiece for their professional library."

    George L. Mehaffy, Vice President for Academic Leadership and Change

    American Association of State Colleges and Universities

    "The editors have done all of higher education a significant favor in curating this remarkable collection of classic essays. Enriched with commentaries from some of today's thought leaders and inspiring practitioners, this volume truly sets a foundation for reclaiming the public and democratic purposes of higher education."

    Paul C. Pribbenow, President

    Augsburg University

    "Everything you needed to know about the scholarship of engagement can be found in this volume. This remarkable book plumbs the depths of critical social problems and how higher education is using not only its head but also its heart to help solve them."

    Samory T. Pruitt, Vice President, Division of Community Affairs, The University of Alabama; and President, Engagement Scholarship Consortium


    "Building the Field of Higher Education Engagement: Foundational Ideas and Future Directions presents twelve landmark articles from 1996-2012 that contributed significantly to the emergence of the field of engagement. Along with the articles, the book presents updated commentaries and responses by the original authors or noted scholars to the questions they proposed. The format of this publication is thoughtful as each chapter presents conversation-provoking questions about engagement across academic disciplines. In addition, Chapter 13 is a prospective look into the future. Nine authors provide their insights to what engagement may look like in the next two decades.

    This book is valuable… as it strives to rethink the work of the academy. Lorilee Sandmann states that colleges and universities remain one of the greatest hopes for intellectual and civic progress because they search for answers in light of pressing problems. Furthermore, higher education in its highest ideals is committed to the scholarship of engagement. She defines engaged scholarship as a mutual relationship between academia and the community that leaves a positive legacy for all partners. These concepts challenge established notions about higher education."

    The Wabash Center Journal on Teaching

    "Building the Field of Higher Education Engagement provides a comprehensive record of the arguments made in favor of community engagement scholarship in the past, present, and future. As a result, the book is well suited for those just beginning their careers. It is also an important resource for more experienced professionals who may need to step away from their own activity in order to consider the larger issues, trends, and themes that drove the growth of the field, along with challenges encountered along the way. For scholars approaching promotion decisions, the book provides critical documentation of the significance and historical record of how community engagement advances the democratic purposes of higher education, particularly when read alongside complementary texts (Ayers, 2004; Dean, Johnson & Lhumann, 2019; Overton, Pasque,& Burkhardt, 2017; Stoecker, 2016). Adding such detail into tenure and promotion dossiers helps committee members better understand and appreciate the rigor, philosophy, and values associated with engaged scholarship."

    Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Civic Engagement