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    Business Strategies for Sustainability brings together important research contributions that demonstrate different approaches to business strategies for sustainability. Many corporate initiatives toward what firms perceive to be sustainability are simply efficiency drives or competitive moves – falling far short of actual strategies for ecological sustainability.

    To suggest true ecological sustainability strategies, this new research anthology adopts an interdisciplinary, or transdisciplinary, approach to discern what business strategies might look like if they were underpinned by environmental and ecological science.

    The 23 chapters in this anthology reflect five main topic sections: (a) delineating sustainability challenges and visions; (b) contradiction, integration and transformation of business and sustainability logics; (c) innovating and developing strategic capabilities for sustainability; (d) assessing and valuing sustainability; and (e) toward multi-level engagement and collaboration.


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    Part I: Delineating sustainability challenges and visions,

    1: Sustainability: a wicked problem needing new perspectives, By Carl Brønn and Peggy Simcic Brønn,

    2: Addressing the global crisis of economic growth: an unavoidable ethical challenge, By Frederick Bird ,

    3: Business and the emerging ecological civilization ethical challenge, By Frank Birkin and Mingyue Fan,

    4: Creating theory for business strategies for sustainability and climate change: transitional and transformational strategies and ecocentric dynamic capabilities, By Helen Borland, Adam Lindgreen, Véronique Ambrosini, and Joëlle Vanhamme,

    Part II: Contradiction, integration and transformation of business and sustainability logics,

    5: What we know about business strategies for sustainability: an inductive typology of the research, By Elisabeth Albertini,

    6: Corporate inaction on climate change: a systematic literature review, By Lena Judick,

    7: Is customer centric sustainability an element of marketing strategy? evidence from Indian firms, By Prashant Mishra and Runa Sarkar,

    8: The importance of market and entrepreneurial strategic orientations among companies committed to sustainability values and practices, By Jonas Nilsson, Johan Jansson, Gabriella Hed Vall, and Frida Modig,

    9: The emerging paradigm of enviro-ethical dialogism, corporate social responsibility, and consumer dynamism, By Will McConnell,

    Part III: Innovating and developing strategic capabilities for sustainability,

    10: Strategic management and sustainability, By Timothy Galpin and Julia Hebard ,

    11: Corporate social innovation: top-down, bottom-up, inside-out, and outside-in, By Philip Mirvis and Bradley Googins,

    12: Dynamic capabilities for sustainable innovation: what are they?, By Aurélien Acquier, Valentina Carbone, and Pilar Acosta,

    13: Exploring challenges to developing corporate climate change strategies in Brazil, By Mônica Cavalcanti Sá de Abreu,

    14: Sustainability: from conceptualization to operationalization: a literature review, By Benedicte Deryckere and Caroline Gauthier,

    Part IV: Assessing and valuing sustainability,

    15: Unbundling corporate sustainability management and assessment, By Anselm Schneider,

    16: The value relevance of carbon disclosure strategies: a review of accounting research, By Natalia Semenova,

    17: Exploring the validity of corporate climate reporting under the global reporting initiative, carbon disclosure project, and greenhouse gas protocol, By Merriam Haffar and Cory Searcy,

    18: Promoting sustainability through corporate social responsibility: an Indian perspective, By Bhaskar Sinha and Ram Nayan Yadava,

    19: Environmental cause marketing, By Debra Z. Basil, Mary Runté, and Jennifer Liebetrau,

    Part V: Towards multi-level engagement and collaboration,

    20: Motivating employees for sustainability: a comprehensive review of micro-behavioural research (2005-present), By Joel Marcus and Devon Fernandes,

    21: Power and shareholder saliency, By Tessa Hebb, Andreas Hoepner, Tatiana Rodionova and Imelda Sanchez,

    22: Environmental sustainability for industry legitimacy and competitiveness: the case of CSR collective strategies in the cement industry, By Julie Batianutti and Hervé Dumez,

    23: Implementing community sustainability strategies through cross-sector partnerships: value creating for and by businesses, By Amelia Clarke, Adriana MacDonald, and Eduardo Ordonez-Ponce,



    Dr Helen Borland is Senior Lecturer in Business Sustainability at Aston Business School, Birmingham where she heads the Strategic Sustainable Business Research Unit. Dr Borland received her PhD from Cranfield University. She has published in the Journal of Business Ethics, International Marketing Review, European Journal of Marketing, and Thunderbird International Business Review, among others.

    Dr Adam Lindgreen is Professor of Marketing at Copenhagen Business School, where he heads the Department of Marketing, and Extra Ordinary Professor at the University of Pretoria’s Gordon Institute of Business Science. Dr Lindgreen received his PhD from Cranfield University. He has published in California Management Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Product and Innovation Management, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of World Business, among others.

    Dr François Maon is Associate Professor at IESEG School of Management, where he teaches strategy, business ethics, and corporate social responsibility. He received his PhD from the Catholic University of Louvain. Dr Maon has published in California Management Review, International Journal of Management Reviews, and Journal of Business Ethics, among others.

    Dr Joëlle Vanhamme is Professor of Marketing at Edhec Business School. Dr Vanhamme received her PhD from the Catholic University of Louvain (Louvain School of Management). Dr Vanhamme has published in California Management Review, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Advertising, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Retailing, Marketing Letters, Psychology & Marketing, and Recherche et Applications en Marketing, among others.

    Dr Véronique Ambrosini is Professor of Strategic Management at Monash University. She is Head of the Department of Management. She was previously Professor of Strategic Management at the University of Birmingham and at Cardiff University. Dr Ambrosini has published in journals such as Journal of Management Studies, British Journal of Management, Long Range Planning, Journal of Business Ethics, and Human Relations, among others.

    Dr Beatriz Palacios Florencio is Associate Professor of Marketing at Pablo de Olavide University, Seville. Her main research is corporate social responsibility and tourism. She has published in Journal of Business Research, Total Quality Management & Business Excellence, Management Decision, and Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, among others.