1st Edition

Business and Government Relations in Africa

Edited By Robert A. Dibie Copyright 2018
    438 Pages
    by Routledge

    438 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book endeavors to take the conceptualization of the relationship between business, government and development in African countries to a new level. In the twenty-first century, the interests and operations of government and business inevitably intersect all over the African continent. No government, federal or state, can afford to ignore the needs of business. But what are these needs, how does business express its needs to government and what institutions organize government-business relations in African countries? How should government regulate business, or should it choose to let the markets rule? Government and Business Relations in Africa brings together many of sub-Saharan African leading scholars to address these critical questions.

    Business and Government Relations in Africa examines the key players in the game—federal and state governments and business groups—and the processes that govern the relationships between them. It looks at the regulatory regimes that have an impact on business and provides a number of case studies of the relationships between government and economic development around the African continent, highlighting different processes and practices. It shows the latest state of knowledge on the topic and will be of interest both to students at an advanced level, academics and reflective practitioners. It addresses the topics with regard to business-government relations and will be of interest to researchers, academics, policymakers, and students in the fields of African politics, comparative politics, public policy, business and politics, sustainable development and sustainability, economic development, and managerial economics.

    1. An Overview of Business and Government Relations

    Robert Dibie, Ph.D.

    2. Theories of Business and Government Relations

    Robert Dibie, Ph.D., and Josephine Dibie, DBA

    3. Business and Government Relations in Burkina Faso

    Mariam Konaté, Ph.D., Idrissa Quedraogo, Ph.D. and Pascal T. Kouaman

    4. Business and Government Relations in Botswana

    Case Study: Ethical Dilemma in Alibaba Hospital

    Robert Dibie, Ph.D. and Ayandiji Daniel Aina, Ph.D.

    5. Business and Government Partnership in Nigeria

    Case Study: Management Debacle at the City of Ozoro

    Robert Dibie, Ph.D. Felix M. Edoho, Ph.D. and Josephine Dibie, DBA

    6. Government Relations and Business in Ghana

    Case Study: The Dynamics of Executive Leadership

    Leonard Gadzekpo, Ph.D.

    7. Business and Government Relations in Somalia

    Yusuf Ahmed Nur, Ph.D.

    8. Business and Government Relations in Sudan

    Muawya Hussien Ph.D. and Robert Dibie, Ph.D.

    9. Business and Government Relations in Zimbabwe

    Case Study: Kome and Ojanigo Limited Liability Company

    Saliwe Kawewe, Ph.D. and Robert Dibie, Ph. D.

    10. Business and Government Relations in Uganda

    Peter Ngwafu, Ph.D. and Robert Dibie, Ph.D.

    11. Business and Government Relations in Ethiopia

    Josephine Dibie, DBA and Robert Dibie, Ph.D.

    12. Corporate Takeover and Public Policy in South Africa

    Kealeboga J. Maphunye, Ph.D. and Robert Dibie, Ph.D.

    13. Business and Government Relations in Cameroon

    Wilfred Gabsa, Ph. D.

    14. Business and Government Relations in Tanzania

    Chinyeaka Justine Igbokwe-Ibeto, Ph.D.

    15. Business and Government Relations in Kenya

    Case Study: Panoramic Corporate Social Responsibility Debacle

    Robert Dibie, Ph.D. Josephine Dibie, Ph.D. and Omolara M. Quadri, Ph.D.

    16. Business - Government and Capacity Building in Africa

    Robert Dibie, Ph.D. and Felix M. Edoho, Ph.D.


    Robert Dibie is Professor of Public Policy, Public Management, and Environmental Studies at Indiana University Kokomo, USA.