Business and the Sustainability Challenge : An Integrated Perspective book cover
1st Edition

Business and the Sustainability Challenge
An Integrated Perspective

ISBN 9780415882415
Published August 13, 2013 by Routledge
560 Pages

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Book Description

It is vitally important for businesses to have a holistic understanding of the many issues surrounding and shaping sustainability, from competitors to government and political factors, to economics and ecological science. This integrated textbook for MBA and senior-level undergraduates offers a comprehensive overview of the issues of sustainability as they relate to business and influence corporate strategy. It also features a wide range of cases and an extensive discussion of tools to incorporate sustainability issues into strategic decision making, helping instructors and students to build and then apply a solid understanding of sustainability in business.

Table of Contents

@Contents: Preface  1. Book Outline and Rationale  Part 1: Foundations  2. A brief historical overview of economic development and the environment, Part 1 - Pre and Post Agricultural Revolution  3. A brief historical overview of economic development and the environment, Part 2 - The Industrial Revolution and Sequel  Appendix: A Primer on Input-Output Analysis  4. What Are We Trying to Achieve? Measuring Wealth and Well-being Appendix One: The World Bank’s Calculation of Total Wealth  Appendix Two: Well-being indicator variables used by the OECD  5. An Overview of Environmental Economics  Appendix One: Case Study of Sulfur Dioxide Trading the U.S.  Appendix Two: The TRI and its Effects  6. An Outline of Ecological Economics  Appendix One: Valuing Ecosystem Services of North America’s Boreal Forest  Appendix Two: Case Study of Thai Shrimp Farming  7. Cost-Benefit Analysis and Measuring Environmental Benefits Appendix One: Applying Evaluation Methodology – Case Study of the U.S Clean Air Act  Appendix Two: Placing a Value on Ecosystem Services – Case Study of New York City’s Water Supply  Appendix Three: A Brief Overview of Multi-Attribute Decision Making  8. Placing a Value on Human Life  Appendix: Philip Morris’ Report to the Government of Czechoslovakia  9. Risk Analysis and the Precautionary Principle  Appendix One: Two classic examples of the framing of risk  Appendix Two: The Precautionary Principle and Global Warming  10. Some Relevant Ecological Principles  Part 2: The Private Sector  11. A Brief History of Corporate Response to Sustainability Issues  12. Waste to Profits. The Case of Consolidated Mining and Smelting Ltd.  13. Designing the Corporation of the 21st Century. Case Study of Interface Inc.  14. Assessing Interface Inc.  Appendix: A Note on Assessing the Credibility of Corporate Sustainability Reporting  15. Eco-efficiency and other paradigms  16. Closing the Loop: Mimicking Nature – Biomimicry and Industrial Ecology  17. Thinking Systemically (I) Mass Balances and Industrial Metabolism  18. Thinking Systematically (II) Life-Cycle Analysis  19. Thinking Systemically (III): Carbon Accounting  20. Thinking Systematically (IV): LCA, Carbon Footprinting and Input-Output Analysis  21. The Search for Innovative Business Models. Case Study of Ooteel Forest Products Ltd.  22. Assessing Ooteel’s Strategic Options  Appendix: Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)  23. Defining Sustainability and its Components. Case Study of Suncor Ltd.  24. Assessing Suncor Ltd.  Appendix: A brief note on carbon capture and storage  25. Internalizing Sustainability into Corporate Strategy  26. Social Enterprise and the Social Return to Investment  27. Sustainability and Corporate Culture  28. Afterword

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Peter N. Nemetz is a Professor of Strategy and Business Economics at The University of British Colombia, Canada.